Two new bouldering gyms will challenge Twin Cities climbers this fall

Bouldering, a type of rock climbing using no ropes or harnesses, is gaining a foothold in the Twin Cities with two new gyms opening this fall. Minneapolis Bouldering Project, the third gym in the Bouldering Project (first in Seattle in 2011, then Austin in 2015), is constructing a massive, 42,000-square-foot indoor bouldering gym, located at 1433 West River Road … [ Read more]

Surly Unveils First Renderings of New Brewery

              Surly has been generating a lot of buzz over their new ‘destination’ brewery, a $20M facility that will be built on 8.3 acres of land in Prospect Park, Minneapolis. The first ever renderings of the brewery were shown during a presentation at the company’s seventh anniversary party, last … [ Read more]