REI launches national campaign to get women and girls outdoors

REI wants to level the playing field when it comes to gender equality and the outdoors. And to do so, the national outdoor retail co-op launched an initiative called Force of Nature. “But when we take an honest look at the outdoor stories we tell and the heroes we typically herald, we see that as … [ Read more]

Score the ultimate Black Friday deal: Fresh Air

The day after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, is known to many as the start of holiday shopping season. Crazed crowds of people standing in line for hours, trampling through the aisles, vying for the best bargains. Sounds awful, right? Instead of opening their stores to the shopping masses, last year all REI retail locations across the … [ Read more]

Win Dad’s Day with The Growler’s Gift Guide

Father’s Day is a week from Sunday, and there may not be a harder holiday for shopping. Dads are famously self-reliant. They’re dads—they’ve already taken care of everything! So what do you get the man who usually gets everything himself? How about a chance to maneuver a 26-ton excavator? How about a bike trip between … [ Read more]

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