One Rock Rally at Fulton NE

Bring your bike, bring your trainer, bring your friends, bring a towel. Let’s ride to nowhere, together in the Fulton warehouse. Four bands will take the stage while we ride (and hydrate with endless beers) as the sweatiest audience since the first One Rock Rally back in 2011. Hundreds of you were there. That was … [ Read more]

From Zero to 629.4: Tackling the North Star Bike Race — Installation 1

When I announced to my family in February that I intended to participate in an unsupported, 629.4-mile bike race this September, they started planning my funeral. When I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, I see an oft-unemployed 25-year-old man, roughly 40 pounds overweight, balding and out of breath from climbing up … [ Read more]