Hot Stuff: Finding the source of Minnesota’s thermaculture boom starts with a trip to the Iron Range

Deep in the remote Iron Range of northern Minnesota on the shores of Lake Vermilion sits the quiet town of Tower, population of about 500. The Minnesohhtan accents here are as thick as they come—right on Main Street, Uffda Thrifts & Gifts shares a building with UBetcha Antiques & Uniques. The town has a rugged, … [ Read more]

Sweating the small stuff: Little Box Sauna set up at Dangerous Man for March residency

Ahh, spring. It’s a time for rebirth, rejuvenation, and having a good sweat in a mobile sauna in the parking lot of a brewery. The 612 Sauna Society has teamed up with the Little Box Sauna for a March “residency” at Dangerous Man Brewing, and all kidding aside, 612 Sauna Society founder John Pederson says that spring is his … [ Read more]