Malt Smoking with Handsome Hog and Tin Whiskers

They started smoking early on a Monday morning. In the parking lot behind the Rossmor Building, which houses Tin Whiskers Brewing, Joseph Pirri and Justin Sutherland from Handsome Hog, and Tin Whiskers brewer Derek Brown, watched over a gigantic smoker, set to 175 degrees. “Just hot enough to smoke,” Brown said, “not hot enough to roast.” Inside … [ Read more]

Fair State Mixed-Fermentation: Bricoleur #2 and Lichtenhainer

Two updates from the mixed-fermentation program at Fair State Brewing Co-op: Last Thursday (August 25th) they released Bricoleur #2. It’s made from the same Bohemian Pilsner malt and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops in their Pils, and is fermented two different ways. The final beer is a blend of 80% stainless steel-fermented Brett, and 20% barrel-fermented sour beer (Brett, Lacto, and Pedio all present). The idea … [ Read more]

Style Profile: Smoked Beer

There once was a time when most beer was smoky. This is because the final stage of turning grain into malt for brewing, called kilning, requires heat. In arid regions, that heat could come from the sun. But in the cool, wet climate of northern Europe, air-drying wasn’t always possible and fire was needed to … [ Read more]