Coffee at the Crossroads: Somali-American-owned Nori Cafe in St. Cloud is part coffee shop, part cultural bridge

Few words are more loaded with subtext than “coffee.” The word refers to a caffeinated beverage, sure. But it also means “comfort.” It means “conversation.” And it means “connection.” Person-to-person, sure. But it can be far more than that: business-to-business, culture-to-culture, nation-to-world. At the Somali-owned Nori Cafe in St. Cloud, Minnesota, the word “coffee” comes … [ Read more]

My cup of tea: Meditations on Somali cuisine in the Twin Cities

The tea is sweet, milky, and full of cardamom. There’s also clove and cinnamon, maybe nutmeg. I’m sitting at a bare table in a café, the name of which I can’t figure out, which I found at the end of a vivid labyrinth of narrow hallways and stalls overflowing with bright swaths of fabric. I couldn’t … [ Read more]


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