Whirlwind Tour: Our 10-stop dining roadtrip to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

With Duluth, Madison, and Fargo-Moorhead easily road-trippable from the Twin Cities metro, it’s understandable that Sioux Falls, South Dakota, gets overlooked. This surprisingly big little city is part of a metro area of around 260,000 people and it’s just a donut’s throw from southwestern Minnesota. Sioux Falls was founded contemporaneously with Minneapolis and St. Paul, … [ Read more]

Chasing the Beer Scene in the Dakotas

By Emily Weiss In previous issues of The Growler, we’ve played match-up with fun and interesting outdoor (and sometimes indoor, because we all need an occasional break from the weather) activities with craft beers from our neighboring cities and states. Now that we’ve covered Duluth to our north, Wisconsin to our west, and Iowa to … [ Read more]