New Bohemia coming to downtown St. Paul

New Bohemia Wurst + BierHaus is adding to their beer hall lineup, with a new location in downtown St. Paul. Coming in late January, the restaurant will be located on the former Seven Corners Hardware site—one block from the Xcel Energy Center. The St. Paul New Bohemia will be the company’s biggest restaurant yet, according … [ Read more]

Herb Brooks-inspired restaurant opening in St. Paul this month

It’s no secret that many Minnesotans love hockey. Across the state, people sleep, breathe, and eat the sport. And opening this month, fans will be able to devour even more hockey at Herbie’s on the Park. To honor the late and great “Miracle on Ice” coach and Minnesota legend, Herb Brooks, Minnesota Wild owner, Craig … [ Read more]

Shucking oysters in the face of doom: The staying power of Meritage

There’s a style of dining that has been steadily vanishing from the Twin Cities in recent years. The kind of experience where you arrive in your finest outfit, are greeted by an impossibly caring host, and sit in an elegant room at a white tablecloth. Where a knowledgeable, non-apathetic server will care of you professionally, … [ Read more]

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Plant-based restaurant, J. Selby’s, is coming to St. Paul

St. Paul is adding another restaurant to its directory through J. Selby’s. On August 28, the new vegan restaurant posted about the expected opening this fall. “J. Selby’s aims to open in November 2016. This is the beginning,” according to the Facebook post. “We are waiting on permits to begin construction and renovation, but we hope those will come soon! We will … [ Read more]

W.A. Frost to celebrate 40th anniversary, Feb. 23-24

W.A. Frost and Company celebrates its first 40 years as one of the premier restaurants and bars in the Twin Cities with a two-night-long birthday party, February 23-24. The Cathedral Hill restaurant and bar will feature a selection of favorite appetizers from past and present menus, along with live entertainment and prizes, each of the … [ Read more]