Stone Brewing coming to Wisconsin

Starting this week, Stone Brewing will begin selling its beers to bars, restaurants, and retailers throughout the entire state of Wisconsin, the brewery announced via press release. Beechwood Sales and Service will distribute Stone’s bold, often hop-centric beers throughout the Badger State. Beginning June 14, there will be multiple events celebrating the official launch, featuring an impressive … [ Read more]

Arrogant Bastard coming nationwide in 16-ounce cans

No, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke! The ever-popular Arrogant Bastard Ale has been canned and will soon be available nationwide in 16-ounce six-packs. The American strong ale was brewed by Stone Brewing until the brewery announced in 2015 that Arrogant Bastard would split off into its own product line under the new company, … [ Read more]

Stone, Dogfish Head, Victory release Saison du BUFF collaboration

Dogfish Head, Victory Brewing, and Stone Brewing have joined forces once again to create Saison du BUFF, a saison that blends locally-harvested sage, lemon thyme, rosemary, and parsley, and Citra and Centennial hops. The collaboration beer will start hitting store shelves this week in six-packs of 12 oz. bottles. This isn’t the first time the three … [ Read more]

The thirsty business of beer: How breweries are confronting the industry’s water problem

The pentagon is worried about water. A 2012 National Security Assessment called climate change-induced water shortages the greatest threat to global security. The report warned of impacts on food and energy production, which would lead to political instability and mass migrations as water conflicts erupt between farmers and city dwellers, ethnic groups, and upstream and … [ Read more]

Stone Brewing’s entire 2016 beer roster

For the first time ever, Stone Brewing is sharing their beer release schedule—for the entire year. Included in the many new releases are re-releases of past favorites to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Aptly named their “20th Anniversary Encore Series,” the six-beer line-up kicks off this month with Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. The story behind the stout … [ Read more]

The mother of all West Coast beer collaborations

Two breweries that helped define American craft beer have teamed up to create a barrel-aged IPA that’s rolling out to stores in 22 oz. bottles this week. Southern California’s Stone Brewing Company has joined forces with the iconic, Northern California-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Company to create NxS IPA (NxS = North by South), a barrel-aged IPA blended with … [ Read more]

Stone Brewing makes history with its Berlin-brewed beer

Stone Brewing, the first American craft brewer to independently build, own, and operate a brewery in Europe, will release its first Berlin-brewed beers today, the brewery announced via press release. This is the first time in history that the beers will be tapped in Europe. With brewing underway at StoneBerlin, the brewery’s hop-centric beers will begin … [ Read more]

Drink like it’s morning: tea-infused beer gaining popularity

Move over, coffee stout, there’s a new kind of breakfast brew in town: tea-infused beer. While beer made with tea may not currently line store shelves, Summit Brewing Company’s latest Unchained Series release, Make It So, is another strong example of a growing national trend. An extra special bitter infused with Earl Grey tea, Make … [ Read more]

Stone Delicious IPA

Stone Delicious IPA 7.7% ABV, 80 IBU It’s pretty hard to find gluten-free or nearly gluten-free beer that is still quite tasty. Thankfully, Stone has created a nice, lemony IPA that fits the bill. A great pale amber color, you can hardly tell that this beer is lacking a quintessential brewing component. Try it with … [ Read more]

Stone Brewing Company Double Bastard

Stone Brewing Company Double Bastard ABV: 11.2% This is a sight to behold. It’s mostly translucent with this super-cool, vibrant blood orange thing going on. The head is almost nonexistent. Tropical fruit and nectarines and burnt sugar jump out of the glass. Is this Cointreau? Some alcohol sharpness is also present. It becomes a nice melange of … [ Read more]