Surdyk’s Liquor & Cheese Shop fined $2,000 for early Sunday liquor sales

The new Sunday liquor sales law, signed into law by Governor Mark Dayton just five days ago on March 7, won’t go into effect until July 2. But that hasn’t deterred one Minneapolis retailer from opening for Sunday liquor sales four months early. Surdyk’s Liquor & Cheese Shop surprised its online followers with an email announcement that the family-owned … [ Read more]

Gov. Dayton signs Sunday liquor sales bill into law

It’s official—beginning July 2, 2017, Minnesota’s ban on Sunday liquor sales will be a thing of the past. Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill into law today that removes the Prohibition-era ban and gives liquor retailers the option of being open on Sundays. The bill passed through the legislature with bipartisan support, gaining approval from … [ Read more]

Sunday liquor sales bill clears final hurdle, headed to Governor Dayton’s desk

On Thursday, March 2, the Minnesota House of Representatives re-passed House File 30, a bill that will legalize the sale of alcohol from retail establishments on Sundays. Having passed the House and the Senate, the bill is now headed to the desk of Governor Mark Dayton, who has said he will sign it into law. Both the House … [ Read more]

Minnesota Senate approves Sunday liquor sales; bill likely heading to conference committee

By a vote of 38-28, the Minnesota Senate today passed a bill to lift the Prohibition-era ban on Sunday liquor sales. However, due to a discrepancy between the Senate bill and the one passed by the House of Representatives last week, the legislation is now likely headed for a conference committee where lawmakers from both legislative bodies will … [ Read more]

Sunday liquor sales headed to Senate floor for vote on Monday

The Minnesota Senate will vote on a bill that would lift the state’s ban on Sunday liquor sales this Monday, Feb. 27, at 11am. The bill’s chief author, Sen. Jeremy Miller (R-Winona), said he expects it to pass. “I wouldn’t bring it to the floor if I didn’t think it has the votes to pass,” … [ Read more]

Sunday sales bill approved by Senate Commerce Committee, headed for floor vote

Sunday liquor sales took another step forward on Wednesday as the Senate Commerce Committee voted 7–4 in favor a bill aimed at lifting the Prohibition-era ban. The bill will now head to the Senate floor for a vote. While a date for the vote has not been set, it’s expected to take place in the coming week … [ Read more]

Sunday sales approved by Minnesota House of Representatives

For the first time since the decades-old ban went into effect, the Minnesota House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow Sunday liquor sales in the state. The bill, which was approved by a vote of 85–45, would allow liquor stores to be open between 10am–6pm and prohibit the delivery of alcohol to off-sale retailers … [ Read more]

Sunday sales in Minnesota? The arguments for and against

The decades-old ban on Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota is back up for discussion at the State Capitol. Attempts in recent years to lift the ban have proven unsuccessful, though some restrictions have loosened, such as a 2015 provision allowing breweries to sell growlers on Sundays. There are competing interests on both sides of the … [ Read more]

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House votes down Sunday liquor sales amendment

The Minnesota House of Representatives defeated an amendment by a vote of 56 to 70 today aimed at allowing individual municipalities to authorize Sunday liquor sales. Legislators discussed the amendment offered by Rep. Jennifer Loon, R-48B, to HF 3699 for a little more than an hour. The arguments may have felt like déjà vu to anyone who has … [ Read more]

House to vote on Sunday liquor sales today

The Minnesota House of Representatives will consider the addition of a Sunday liquor sales amendment to a bill that will be voted on this afternoon. The amendment would allow individual municipalities to authorize Sunday liquor sales. Rep. Jennifer Loon, R-48B introduced the amendment to HF 3699. It reads, in part, “a municipality may authorize off-sale licensees or a municipal … [ Read more]

Update: The Sunday Growler Sales Race Is On

Updated: June 1, 2015 Cities across the state of Minnesota are updating their ordinances to allow Sunday growler sales following a law change at the state level that permits them pending local approval. Below is a chronological list of effective dates for Sunday growler sales in individual cities. Check brewery websites and social media channels … [ Read more]

Minnesota House Defeats Sunday Sales Amendments, Approves Sunday Growler Sales

Two amendments to the omnibus liquor bill aimed at repealing Minnesota’s ban on Sunday alcohol sales failed to pass the Minnesota House this afternoon, though the House did follow the Senate in approving Sunday growler sales when it passed the omnibus bill 127-4. The bill now heads to Gov. Mark Dayton for approval, which he is expected … [ Read more]

Sunday Liquor Sales Fails to Pass Minnesota Senate; Growler Sales Approved

The Minnesota Senate today passed the omnibus liquor bill, which includes the sale of growlers from breweries and brewpubs on Sundays, but an amendment aimed at allowing Sunday off-sale liquor sales from retail locations failed to pass by a vote of 28 to 35, according to a joint press release from the Minnesota Licensed Beverage … [ Read more]

LIVE: Sunday Liquor Sales Public Hearing

Two bills aimed at repealing Minnesota’s ban on Sunday liquor sales will get an “informational” public hearing before the House Commerce Committee on Wednesday. The “informational” designation means no votes will be taken. One bill (HF 231) is a blanket repeal that would allow Sunday liquor sales statewide, while the other (HF 1239) would leave … [ Read more]

MN Beer Activists St. Patrick’s Day Rally for Sunday Beer Sales

Celebrate St. Patty’s Day AND get politically involved in the craft beer scene on March 17th at 7pm. We’re not saying you should ditch the green beer or kissing everyone 1% Irish or more, we’re saying you should bring that to First Avenue and join the consumer rights advocacy group MN Beer Activists Rally for Sunday liquor … [ Read more]