Falls Landing at Artisan Plaza marks a new chapter for JD Fratzke and for Cannon Falls

I’ve always wanted a restaurant that had a canoe as part of the decor,” says JD Fratzke. Fratzke, one of Minnesota’s best-known chefs and a Growler contributing writer, has always led a dual existence: tethered to the fire and knives of the restaurant kitchen, sure, but also escaping as often as he can manage to … [ Read more]

All Roads Lead to Bergen: Deciphering the magnetism of a small town supper club

Deep in southwestern Minnesota, the unincorporated township of Bergen begins and ends at the intersection of 540th Avenue and 900th Street. All you can see for miles is flat, monoculture farmland, liberally punctuated with towering wind turbines that work lazily in the late afternoon summer haze. At the southwest corner, a shuttered old general store … [ Read more]