Masters of Arena Rock: Why sound engineers are to thank for the ultimate concert experience

There are few experiences as memorable as attending your first concert in an arena. You enter the doors of a cavernous dome and squint to find the section and row of your seat on your ticket. You take your seat, the lights dim, and the rumble of bass being pumped through a dozen loud speakers … [ Read more]

The Evolution of of Brewing Tech: Innovations that have redefined beer in the modern age

Today’s brewing scene is a long way from the rudimentary brewing vessels available to the earliest brewers. Heck, it would look completely foreign to the brewers of the mid-20th century. The sheer volume of breweries would be one surprise, as would the beers themselves—hazy IPAs, pastry stouts, wine barrel-aged saisons.  Equally as shocking, though, would … [ Read more]

Next Gen Limb Design

For 130 years, Winkley has helped make Minnesota a hub for prosthetics and orthotics Inside a glass cube, Robert grinds away at a leg, swiveling his head from side to side, slowing down to carve the fine details of the ankle bone and arch, occasionally pausing to blast the leg with air and clear the … [ Read more]

The Glamorous Life of an Engineer-Brewer: Jeff Moriarty of Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

Jeff Moriarty, founder and head brewer of Tin Whiskers Brewing Company in downtown St. Paul, has been fascinated with outer space since middle school. That’s when he discovered “Star Trek,” and quickly became enamored with the mechanical allure of deep space technology. “I’d imagine, if I were in the ‘Star Trek’ age, what would I … [ Read more]

Artist Profile: Tymkrs and the Art of Circuitry

Left, the original artwork for The Growler’s Issue 61 cover by Sarah Petkus. Right is the rendition of the same artwork for the badge design by Tymkrs For us commoners, the inner workings of a circuit board are miles over our heads. Most days we’re lucky to manage screwing in a light bulb without any … [ Read more]

Popular mechanic: Brewery builder Mario Criveller does the work before the wort

Mario Criveller commands the room as the Lakes & Legend Brewing crew sets up the brite tank in their soon-to-open downtown Minneapolis brewery. Head brewer Andrew Dimery adjusts pipes and monitors conditions as they test the pieces of equipment that makeup their brewhouse. Steam pours out sporadically. Dimery, who has worked in production breweries before, is … [ Read more]

Google Announces Plans to Reorganize as Alphabet

Google was founded in 2000 as a company that did Internet search. It even posted a document on its site called “Ten things we know to be true,” essentially its 10 commandments, claiming “search” as the one thing that it does “really, really well.” But Google has always been about innovation, broadening into areas as varied as drones, pharmaceuticals, and … [ Read more]