Matty O’Reilly’s restaurant group unveils $99/month subscription dining plan

Why pay a bunch of checks at your favorite restaurants when you could just pay a single subscription fee, instead? Restaurateur Matty O’Reilly debuted this week a novel subscription model of dining which would let subscribers eat as much as one entree per day at any of his restaurants for a monthly cost of $99, … [ Read more]

A Nice Day to Start Again: Testing the Reboots of 3 Minnesota Restaurants

The food industry is famously brutal and when a restaurant closes up shop, it doesn’t typically rise to fight again another day. But 2019 has seen a number of high-profile restaurants shut down, retool, and then give it another go. We tested three: Lucky Cricket, JUN Szechuan Kitchen & Bar, and the Delicata to Foxtrot Burger … [ Read more]