The Growler takes on Lowertown’s new Escape MSP

Local investigators have brought in Miss Amanda Treedeath for questioning on suspicion of murder. (Gasp!) It’s up to you and your team to help with the investigation. But here’s the kicker: You only have 60 minutes. As we previously mentioned, The Growler crew turned into sneaky sleuths for a day as we visited Escape MSP, … [ Read more]

The Summer Beer Dabbler through my (beer) glasses

It seems that at any given Minnesota get-together, whether a day out on the lake, a New Year’s Eve party, or a family reunion at your Aunt Bridget’s house, there’s an endless thirst for beer. And with the Land of 10,000 Lakes’ craft-beer scene exploding, it’s hard to keep up with the growing number of … [ Read more]

Gallery: See all 31 of DWITT’s Growler covers

Original art by David Witt, better known to Growler readers as DWITT, has graced the cover of The Growler since its inception with issue #1 in June 2012. After issue #31 in May 2016, David will be moving on to focus more on illustrating comic books and spending time with his growing family. David’s unique … [ Read more]

Surf’s Up: Craft Beer Roundtable’s “Riding a Wave of Beer” to discuss beer-related businesses

The Duluth Experience presents the Craft Beer Roundtable: Riding a Wave of Beer—A Discussion with Craft Beer Related Businesses On May 18th The Duluth Experience will continue its North Shore Craft Beer Roundtable series with a discussion about businesses related to the North Shore Craft Beer Scene. This panel—aptly titled “Riding a Wave of Beer” will … [ Read more]

The Growler and Chowgirls present THRIVE: Sustainability Sessions

THRIVE: Sustainability Sessions brings together local minds to explore sustainable living in Minnesota While many recognize Minnesota’s growing reputation for sustainability after being named in the top ten most LEED-certified construction projects per capita in 2013 and with the state’s largest-ever solar energy project moving forward, Minnesota is also making strides in food production and consumption, brewing, … [ Read more]

Craft Culture: Craft is Fluid at the American Craft Council

Minnesota craft breweries to be featured at the American Craft Council show, April 11-13 Over the past few issues in the Growler’s Craft Culture series, we’ve covered the local maker movement in Minnesota, from a pop-up menswear market to hand-sewn leather luxury bags. But what does “craft” mean? Is it your grandma’s knitted scarves or … [ Read more]

The ABCs of the GABF

By Joseph Alton and Brian Kaufenberg The 2013 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) wrapped up this weekend in Denver, CO. This annual celebration of suds has grown to host nearly 50,000 attendees who have an opportunity to sample more than 3,000 beers from over 600 American breweries. Beer lovers from around the country and the … [ Read more]

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Bitters, Hoodies and Winterwear: The October-November Beer Gear Roundup

The latest Growler Beer Gear roundup comes just in time for cooler weather and the start — yep — of the holiday shopping season. by Megan Parker Make Your Own Bitters Kit / $46   Are you an aspiring mixologist?  Now, in addition to crafting your own cocktails, you can make your own small batch … [ Read more]

The Growler on Kare 11 News

In case you missed it, The Growler was on Kare 11 News at 4 yesterday. Our editor, Joe Alton, spoke briefly about what it means for The Growler to be “beer lifestyle” magazine with Kare 11’s Diana Pierce and also spilled some details about this summer’s upcoming Beer Dabbler events. The segment wrapped up with a toast … [ Read more]

Style Profile: The true story behind English IPA

Sometime in the early 19th century, the London brewer George Hodgson solved a problem that English brewers had been struggling with for some time. Pale ales shipped to India were regularly spoiling during the five-month voyage across the equator, resulting in their being dumped in the Bay of Calcutta upon arrival. Hodgson realized that both … [ Read more]

Berliner Weisse: Word to Your Mother

This recipe appears in Michael Dawson’s book, “Mashmaker: A Citizen-Brewer’s Guide to Making Great Beer at Home.” Learn more at Apparently, this Homebrew Recipe appeals to moms everywhere. True story: my mom doesn’t like beer…except for Berliner Weisse. That’s the sole exception. When my dad and I would homebrew, she would have to leave the … [ Read more]

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Ken Thiemann of Borealis Fermentery: A Musical (Beer) Genius

In this issue of The Growler, we Brewer Profile Ken Thiemann of Borealis Fermentery. By Brian Kaufenberg Name: Ken Thiemann, Brewer/Owner Hometown: Livonia, Michigan Works at: Borealis Fermentery Turn-Ons: Well-played music. Honest, intelligent, nice people. Turn-Offs: Not-well-played music. Unfriendly, dumb people. Growler: What’s in your fridge right now? Ken Thiemann: Bell’s Oberon. G: If you … [ Read more]

Letting Loose with Phil Juliano

In this Artist Profile, The Growler Speaks to one of our own: Phil Juliano. By Joe Alton Growler: What’s your favorite subject to draw? Phil Juliano: Lately, it’s been women. They’re a challenge—to get the features and hands right, their shape, etc., to make them look attractive. I’ve had to illustrate a series of them … [ Read more]

Letter from the Mayor

Welcome to Duluth from Mayor Don Ness Greetings from Duluth! We are absolutely thrilled to welcome The Growler up north.  Duluthians will love The Growler’s insight on all of the people and places that make up Minnesota’s vibrant craft beer scene.  It’s especially appropriate that The Growler will be distributed up here now that Duluth … [ Read more]