Iowa “cocktail room” bill advances out of committee

You can buy alcohol on Sundays in a grocery store in Iowa, but there are still some liquor laws in the Hawkeye state that are a little behind the times. That, however, may soon change. HSB 547 would finally make it legal for Iowa microdistilleries to pour cocktails on site. It passed the state government committee in … [ Read more]

A-B InBev buys Two Colorado Distributors, May Crowd Out Craft Beer

In a move that seems like it should violate the tenets of the three-tier system of alcohol distribution, Anheuser-Busch InBev has acquired two major Colorado beer distributors: Standard Sales Company of Littleton, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, and American Eagle Distributing of Loveland. It is legal for breweries to own distributors under a separate wholesale license. Craft … [ Read more]