Flying Over the Holidays? Here’s What to Drink on the Plane.

Boston-based Drizly unveiled its Mile High Mixology Guide yesterday, featuring tips on how to become your own in-flight mixologist. The guide includes 15 classic cocktails and even goes so far as to detail which brands of beer, wine, and spirits are offered on the different major airlines. See the complete guide here.

Villages in Spain are for sale for cheap

National Public Radio reports that a mass exodus is taking place all across Spain. Villages from fertile Galicia to the more severe climes of central Spain have been deserted, entire villages abandoned.  To help revitalize and save the dying villages, British-born real estate agent Mark Adkinson is scouring the Spanish countryside for abandoned properties, dropping off leaflets … [ Read more]

Domestic Flights: Musings from the Airport Bar

I’m nursing a $10 beer in a bar called Beers of the World at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. My flight home to Minneapolis is delayed at least half an hour as storms move in from the southwest. I’ve already had one $10 beer, but what else is there to do? The knowledge that a … [ Read more]

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Chasing the Beer Scene in Alaska

Even if you’ve never been, Alaska needs no introduction. With dark, impossibly bitter winters, majestic spruce forests, and countless lakes, streams and marshes, it’s like an uber-Minnesota. Of course, Alaska also has thousands of miles of saltwater coastline and several towering mountain ranges that make the North Shore’s Sawtooth Range look like a collection of … [ Read more]

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The Midwest Craft Beer Camping Road Trip

Presented by 50 Campfires If you’re looking for an epic camping road trip, we have it all lined up for you. Camping and a Craft Beer tour, what could be better than that?! Some of the best breweries in the country are right here in the Midwest, along with some spectacular camping locations. If you’re … [ Read more]

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