Rosé all day not just for wine anymore

Rosé has grown to dominate the summer wine scene, but it hasn’t stopped there. The pink drink of choice has also inspired breweries and cideries to attempt to capture its floral, fruity flavors, resulting in a not-insignificant lineup of beers and ciders that are as delightful to look at as they are to drink. Wine-inspired … [ Read more]

New Nikes will make you the coolest kid (at heart) on the block

Sick of wasting seconds each morning tying your shoes? Frustrated that your toddler’s razzle-dazzle light-up kicks are cooler than your boring sneakers? Nike to the rescue! Nike’s new HyperAdapt 1.0 shoe tightens around your foot as soon as your heel slips into the shoe and activates the sensor inside. It also has two buttons on the … [ Read more]

Americans trading car keys for public transit cards

A growing number of Americans are driving less and getting rid of their cars, reports NPR. The trend is gaining traction in middle-aged adults, to the point where fewer of them are even bothering to get or renew their driver’s licenses, but it’s been prominent among younger adults for years now. “Over the past several … [ Read more]