Summit announces Unchained #22 Zingiber Cream Ale

Summit Brewing Company’s latest installment in their Unchained Series, which gives brewers absolute freedom to design new beers from their ingredients to their packaging, is Zingiber Cream Ale from brewer Christian Dixon. This is the 22nd beer in the series, which will be available on draft and in six-packs of 12oz. cans the second week … [ Read more]

Summit Unchained No. 21 Us & Them is two IPAs in one six-pack

Brewing beer is hard work, but sometimes it’s a downright party, er, parti. Parti-gyling, named for a “partial gyle,” (gyle being another name for fermenting wort), is a brewing technique that originated in medieval England, if not earlier. It involves drawing wort from a mash like usual (a “first running”), then sparging the same mash to draw … [ Read more]

Summit announces Unchained Series Batch 19 – Make It So

Summit is boldly going where no brewery has gone before. Summit Brewing Company announced the release of the 19th installment in its Unchained Series, Make It So, an Extra Special Bitter (ESB) brewed with Earl Grey tea. The limited release beer will be available on draft and in six-packs of 12-ounce cans beginning the first … [ Read more]