Travail’s homage to Solera debuts Friday and we drank all the drinks

When Solera opened on Hennepin Avenue in 2002, it was a BFD in the local restaurant scene. Tim McKee and Josh Thoma were basking in the early critical glow of then-Stillwater-located La Belle Vie, and the tapas they installed next to the Orpheum were a revelation. It was a foundational restaurant for many in the … [ Read more]

Never fear: Caffrey’s is back

Last December, Caffrey’s, the deli and sub shop on Lyndale and Lake in Uptown, closed abruptly. Now, as of Tuesday, it has re-opened just as unexpectedly, reports City Pages. “A visit to the deli confirmed that the doors are open and the kitchen is churning out old favorites like the Loaded Philly and the Ranch Gobbler,” … [ Read more]

Eat This Now! Bacon Chop at Libertine

Salty? Check. Fatty? And how! Would a steady diet of these have you flirting with cardiac disaster? You bet. Just resign yourself to a longer jog tomorrow and enjoy this smoky slab with impunity tonight. Libertine‘s tenure in Calhoun Square began this summer on a promising note, if only for a simple juxtaposition: It’s not … [ Read more]

Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich at Lake & Irving

This is not a sandwich for the faint of heart. If your doctor has talked to you about your blood pressure recently, this was the kind of choice he was talking about. It is not a sandwich for the dainty, nor the self-concious. If you’re on a first date, and you want to look like … [ Read more]

Eat This Now! Octopus at Coup d’Etat

I have to start moving past the name. Coup d’Etat. COO DAY TAH. I can’t decide if a moniker meaning violent, radical change is a tad pretentious or, as it stands on the grave of Cowboy Slim’s, perfectly appropriate. Ultimately, my fear is that it could belie the tasty, non-radical eats within. But there’s no doubt … [ Read more]