Fair trial: Our favorite new State Fair libations

Drinking at the Minnesota State Fair is all about balance. You don’t want anything too thick or heavy, nor anything too dry. You’re looking for something crisp and tart, light and refreshing. Something to pep you up. Something to help you slink amidst 100,000 of your closest statesmen. Something to help wash away whatever cheese and … [ Read more]

New Belgium Accumulation Winter Ale

New Belgium Accumulation Winter Ale ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 60 Accumulation by New Belgium Brewing is a winter seasonal white IPA. With fresh floral notes and a malty sweet finish, this winter ale goes against the grain as typically winter beers are darker in color and tend to be heavier in the belly. This brew has a … [ Read more]

It’s a nice day for a ‘Wit Wedding’

Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth is serving a special edition beer for owner Tim Nelson’s wedding. The beer is a white IPA called ‘Wit Wedding.’ It’s got a 5.7% ABV, a spicy medium body, and an assertive hop profile featuring citrus. The spice notes balance the wheat and the Belgian yeasts add pleasant esters. Duluth cartoonist Chris Monroe did … [ Read more]

Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA

Deschutes Brewery ABV: 5.6% | IBU: 55 A fluffy white head, Belgian ester aroma and typical wheat ale cloudiness are your first clues that this so-called White IPA is first and foremost a witbier. But at 55 IBU’s, fruity hops like Citra and Cascade compliment additions of sweet orange and coriander for a flavor profile … [ Read more]