Minnesota’s state species: Their past, present, and uncertain future

Minnesota’s official state symbols represent the natural treasures found within the state and remind us of our cultural heritage. But will Minnesota’s most iconic species still be here in 50 years? We check in to see how five of the most beloved state symbols are faring in the face of a changing climate and loss … [ Read more]

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UPDATE: Push to return management of Great Lakes wolves to states falls short

One year after a Michigan judge overturned federal decisions to remove wolves from the endangered species list, congressional representatives from the Great Lakes states are pushing to return the authority to manage wolf populations to the states. According to a report on WSAU News, Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson and Wisconsin Congressman Reid Ribble are attempting to … [ Read more]

Unprecedented conservation efforts lead to the Greater Sage-Grouse’s revival

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced that thanks to the unprecedented cooperative efforts to restore and conserve key sagebrush habitat, the greater sage-grouse has been removed from the endangered species list. According to a brief from the White House: More than 1,100 ranchers are voluntarily working with Federal and state agencies to conserve the greater … [ Read more]


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