Wine Wednesday: The Best White Grape for Fall, and a Solo Vino Tasting

I was chatting on WCCO with John Hines yesterday, and it got me thinking about all things autumn. We’ll be toting heavy porters and fresh hops to our harvest tables, but what wines are best suited to fall drinking? In our discussion of comfort foods, my thoughts began to wander back to Foreign Legion and … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: Nibbling at Foreign Legion

The things that make for a good wine bar often have very little to do with wine. That part, you expect they would have nailed down. But what about ambiance? Food? Entertainment? We’ve seen many a vino bar fall by the wayside for not thinking enough outside the glass. We think Foreign Legion has done the … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: Roof Deck at JJ’s Downtown

You stand at the railing of a rooftop deck on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. You notice it’s not crowded with pretty people or high top tables. You don’t hear Top 40 blasting from the speakers – there aren’t speakers at all. You know that a waitress is not on her way to tell you about … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: Landskroon Chenin Blanc

As the summer days stretch on, so does my dogged quest to find the best cheap white wine. Rarely, do I ever think of chenin blanc as a value grape. The problem was, I was looking in the wrong country. For cheap whites, you might stick to vinho verde, pinot grigio, colombard – grapes that can be grown … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: Lionel Messi’s Malbec

So Leo Messi might be the best soccer player in the world. So he made $65 Million last year. So he’s lead Argentina with four goals in this World Cup, plus a game-winning assist in the 118th minute against Switzerland, and now they’ll play the Netherlands for a spot in the finals this afternoon. But, … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: USA vs. Germany

It all comes down to Thursday’s match. A win captures the group and punches our ticket to the next round. Even a draw sends us through, but the Great Jürgen says we won’t be playing for one. In an effort to predict tomorrow’s outcome, we headed to Solo Vino last Friday to wage a German … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: White Port & Tonic

In advance of Sunday’s World Cup matchup, I thought Wine Wednesday should touch on something from Portugal. The obvious choice would be vinho verde. But just like Portugal’s performance against Germany, we can do better than that. Don’t get me wrong, I love vinho verde. When the humidity is suffocating, I’ll be the first person to … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: Honoro Vera Merlot

Rosé certainly is having a moment. The formerly maligned pink wine is shedding comparisons to white zinfandel and staking its claim as the versatile sip at your summer picnic table. But there are still those red wine drinkers that won’t budge – not even down to rosé. Even in the height of summer, when most … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: Mont Gravet Cotes de Gascogne

By John Garland Summer wine drinking is a whole different ballgame. In winter, you can endlessly ponder the esters of a rich Bordeaux while sitting in front of the fireplace, because, what else are you going to do? But when the humidity rages, even the most ardent vino snobs have to dial it back and select … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: Domaine du Salvard Cheverny

By John Garland Can we please talk about cat pee for a moment? Not actual feline urine, rather the smell often prescribed to a sulphur compound named “p-mentha-8-thiol-3-one.” In certain concentrations, said sulphur can smell precisely like pipi du chat (gosh, the French make everything sound elegant). In the world of wine, you’ll very often detect it … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: 5 Rosés from Solo Vino

By John Garland The Solo Vino Rosé Tent Tasting was once again a wonderful gathering of beautiful people drinking equally pretty wines. Over 130 were sampled last Sunday – mostly rosé, with some whites, reds and beers thrown in for good measure. Rosés are perfect wine for the early spring. They’re light and refreshing and, … [ Read more]

Wine Wednesday: Boomtown Chardonnay

By John Garland You know what’s the worst? $15 chardonnay. That grape in that price range is treacherously hit-or-miss, so it feels like no small victory when you find one worth drinking. Don’t get me wrong—at the high end (as in Chablis, Montrachet, Meursault, Champagne) chardonnay makes some of the finest white wine on the planet. … [ Read more]