Same Name, New Beer: Bauhaus Über Düber 2016

Bauhaus Brew Labs’ winter seasonal is back and completely different. Über Düber is Bauhaus’ big and funky winter beer that will sport a brand new formula each time around. 2015’s version was a hoppy bock. This year, Bauhaus went down under for inspiration. They describe Über Düber 2016, an imperial sparkling ale, as “an effervescent, golden daydream” featuring … [ Read more]

Now in bottles: Tin Whiskers Lecky Scottish Ale

Tin Whiskers has brought back a popular seasonal from last winter, and 22oz bottles will be hitting stores early next week. Jeff Moriarty, one of Tin Whiskers’ three co-founders, says Lecky is “an exotic yet approachable winter ale option. It has a well-balanced peated smoke flavor to appeal to smoked ale and Scotch lovers alike, … [ Read more]

Indeed Brewing Company Stir Crazy

Indeed Brewing Company Stir Crazy ABV: 6.5%, IBU: 22 The label promises an “Ale brewed with cocoa nibs, vanilla, raisins, brown sugar & natural flavors.”  That leads some to think the beer might be too sweet. Fear not—Indeed deftly combines these ingredients into a supremely balanced and delicious brew. It’s full-bodied, yet doesn’t feel heavy. When … [ Read more]

Deschutes Jubelale Winter Ale

Deschutes Jubelale Winter Ale ABV: 6.7%, IBU: 60 Once you crack open a bottle of Deschutes’ Jubelale, you’re submersed in the aroma of Christmas—notes of chicory, spice and fruit. This festive winter ale pours with authority, a dark red hue, and a nice frothy head. As a medium bodied brew, this will pair well with pastas, … [ Read more]

Grand Teton Bone Warmer Imperial Amber Ale

Grand Teton Bone Warmer Imperial Amber Ale ABV: 8.2%, IBU: 22 First brewed in 2006, this ale immediately sold out and is back again to celebrate the brewery’s 25th Anniversary. Brewed in the strong ale tradition, Grand Teton Brewing Company uses only the first mash of malts, added Idaho Chinook hops and fermented at cool temperatures, resulting … [ Read more]