Busting Up the Brotherhood of Beer: Time to confront sexism & harassment in the industry

Last April, the Brewers Association announced that it would no longer publicize medals won by beers with sexist names or labels. From now on, beers like Thong Remover, PD (Panty Dropper), and Pearl Necklace could win in competition, but the win would not be published. The comment threads and forum posts that followed the announcement … [ Read more]

Women of Dangerous Man brew together for International Women’s Day

Dangerous Man Brewing bartender Grace Sell is a self-described “heavy snoozer.” When her alarm goes off most mornings, it marks the beginning of a process that finally ends with her getting out of bed about an hour later. But today was different. “I only snoozed once!” she exclaimed with pride to taproom manager Maggie Pears, who … [ Read more]

Why I spent a weekend brewing with just women

I am familiar with mansplaining. I am a woman and haven’t spent thirty-something years living under a rock. But I have never experienced the phenomenon with such frequency until I started working in the craft brew industry. I’ve bought homes, spent a decade in academia, and a summer working landscaping gigs on construction sites, and … [ Read more]

Is there really a need for women-targeted beer?

A new contract brewery directly targeting women is set to begin distributing next month, reports USA Today. High Heel Brewing is the brainchild of 20-year industry veteran and master brewer Kristi McGuire, formerly an employee of Anheuser-Busch and most recently a consultant within the craft brewing industry. McGuire, who’s based in St. Louis, has partnered with contract … [ Read more]

Ladies, here’s why you should want to be a craft beer drinker

No more staring into the beer aisle longingly. No more second-guessing when ordering something off the draft list. No more caring about what others think when you have a pint in your hand. I’ll let you in on a secret I learned during my week at the Craft Brewers Conference: The data shows that the … [ Read more]

Pink Boots MN panel sparks discussion on women in beer

Craft beer is a social drink and a beverage of celebration—and it was in that spirit of camaraderie and celebration that The Herkimer hosted the “Women in Beer” panel on Thursday, September 17, as a kickoff event for the Minnesota chapter of the Pink Boots Society. Pink Boots Society is a nationwide group dedicated to … [ Read more]

Duluth Brewer’s Path Paved with Persistence, Powered by Pink Boots

Though inroads have certainly been made in recent years, the craft beer industry is still a largely male-dominated landscape. Duluthian Ginga Newton is a brewer who has been struggling to break into the field. For a number of years, she has settled for jobs on its periphery, biding her time and waiting for an opening. … [ Read more]

Duluth Experience’s last Craft Beer Roundtable focuses on Women in Beer

Since beer’s inception around 800 BCE, women were brewing. In fact until beer’s commercialization, brewing was rarely practiced by men. “Men took over the brewing process when it went commercial and there was money to be made,” explained Professor Jeffrey Pilcher in The Growler‘s Coming Full Circe: Women in Beer by Ryan Tuenge. When beer brewing left … [ Read more]

Coming Full Circle: Women in Beer

Beer. It’s been around for at least 5,500 years, with the earliest hard evidence of barley beer dating back to 3400 BCE in ancient Mesopotamia, and despite its reputation as being a “manly” beverage, you may be surprised to learn that women were the original brewers of beer. That’s what Professor Jeffrey Pilcher teaches in his … [ Read more]