Yoerg Brewing building nanobrewery on St. Paul’s Westside

Minnesota’s oldest brewery brand, Yoerg Beer, was revived this summer by Tom Keim and Carole Minogue when they began contracting with Octopi Brewing in Wisconsin. But soon Yoerg will be able to call the city where the original brewery was first founded in 1848 home again. According to Facebook post, the new Yoerg Brewing will be building a nanobrewery in … [ Read more]

Resurrecting Yoerg—Minnesota’s first beer is back

A basement find at age 10 is still inspiring Tom Keim almost 50 years later. “I found a crusty case of returnables and it was the most beautiful thing,” he recalls. At 10 years old, the Yoerg beer that once filled the bottles didn’t interest him—it was the packaging and the colors. “I was fascinated … [ Read more]

Minnesota’s first beer is coming back

In 1848, ten years before Minnesota would become a state, Anthony Yoerg was brewing beer and cold-fermenting it in caves along the Mississippi River near what would eventually become St. Paul. Today, more than 165 years later, Yoerg Beer is coming back. The people behind the comeback are Thomas Keim and Carole Minogue. When Keim was 10 … [ Read more]