Talking Shop with Melissa Rainville of Fitger’s Brewhouse

This issue’s Brewer Profile finds Melissa Rainville of Fitger’s Brewhouse hard at work. 

By Brian Kaufenberg
Photos by Maxwell McGruder of Dapperman Studios


Name: Melissa Rainville

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Works at: Fitger’s Brewhouse

Turn-Ons: Integrity, authenticity, and beards with a smattering of grey in them.

Turn-Offs: Self-importance, ostentatiousness, folks that don’t use dental floss.


The Growler: What’s in your fridge right now?

Melissa Rainville: I’ve got a couple of growlers from Northbound Smokehouse and Minneapolis Town Hall, some Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, and I always have a couple of cases of Coors Banquet.

G: What’s your favorite music to brew to?

MR: Spoon, Father John Misty, Yo La Tengo, Built To Spill, American Analog Set.

G: What is your brewing background?

MR: A number of years of homebrewing gradually morphed into a professional gig, after which I worked in a homebrew supply shop. Then I eventually worked my way into my current professional gig.


G: When did you decide you wanted to brew professionally?

MR: I had about a year left to complete my BS in Horticulture at the University of Minnesota when Jeff Williamson (then Owner/Head Brewer) at Flat Earth Brewing Company offered me a full-time Assistant Brewer position at the brewery. I had been volunteering there for some time when he made that offer. Given the choice between finishing school and brewing beer for a living—well, it simply wasn’t much of a choice for me.

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