Talking Shop with Melissa Rainville of Fitger’s Brewhouse

G: What is the biggest misconception about your line of work?

MR: I believe the biggest misconception about my job is that I require a beard to do it effectively.


G: What is the most gratifying part of your job?

MR: Working with the team at The Brewhouse. I have never worked with a group of people that are all so intuitive, hard-working, and solidly good at what they do. I liken the feel of this team to what I imagine it’s like to be part of a bee colony—every member diligently doing their part to make a greater whole. It’s been a beautiful thing to experience and I’m proud to be a part of it.

G: What’s your brewing philosophy?

MR: Brew the beer that you want to drink.

G: Any new recipes you are working on?

MR: Currently, I’m fine-tuning both a smoked porter and a Wee Heavy, which should be available at The Brewhouse in the coming months.

G: What do you see as the “next big thing” in the craft beer world?

MR: I bet it’ll be IPAs again. We can just keep recycling that as the “next big thing” forever, right?

G: Favorite beer and food pairing?

MR: Pork tacos and a Negra Modelo. Laugh all you want. You know that shit’s not wrong.

G: What are you reading right now?

MR: Crust and Crumb: Master Formulas For Serious Bread Bakers by Peter Reinhart.


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