The DIY Guide To Living The Growler Life


Learn how to make cheese, build a a wooden toolbox carrier, keep your knives sharp, make vinegar from wild pears, season your cast iron and break in a new wok, and make semolina pasta in our DIY Guide To Living The Growler Life

The Growler Life is about getting your hands dirty and making things from scratch, whether that means practicing the art of fermentation, rolling fresh pasta, or sawing up boards in a woodshop. You cannot replicate the gratification and “do-it-yourself” pride that comes with making something by hand. With that in mind, we want to empower you to get out there and start doing. Here are a few simple how-tos that can help lay a foundation for future DIY exploration. Time to get after it, Growler Nation.

How To Build Your Own Wooden Toolbox and 12-Pack Carrier

By Nick Roseth

Photos by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

Build a wooden toolbox that doubles as a 12-pack carrier. Read more…

How To Make Three Fresh Cheeses From One Recipe

By Tammy Kimbler


Make whole milk roctta, queso blanco, and paneer from the same recipe with only minor variations. Read more…

Fundamentals Of Knife Care: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Keeping A Sharp Edge (And How To Cut An Onion The Right Way)

Courtesy of Eversharp


Knives at Eversharp // Photo by Tj Turner

Steel your knife often. Almost every knife set comes with a honing steel, yet most people don’t use it until it’s too late. A knife should be honed after approximately 30 minutes of cutting. Read more…

How To Make Wild Minnesota Pear Cider Vinegar

By Austin Jevne or Forager Brewery


Fruit vinegar is easy to make, and almost any fruit can be used to make vinegar with varying levels of intensity. Read more…

How To Care For Cast Iron And Break In A New Wok

By Sarah Master, Chef at Red Stag Supperclub & Eric Fung, Owner of United Noodles

Cast Iron

If you’re starting new or have just bought a used one, this is the one and only time to give your cast iron pan a good soap and water scrubbing. Read more…

How To Make Semolina Pasta

By Chris Uhrich, Chef at Mucci’s Italian

Photo by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

Photo by Kevin Kramer, The Growler

Learn the ingredients and technique for making semolina pasta. Read more…


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