The Growler: Issue 52 – February 2018 – Hang In There

Letter from the editor

“Hang In There” Issue 52 cover illustration by Matt Wells

Dear Readers,

Congratulations on enduring the better half of another grueling Minnesota winter. Congratulations on surviving yet another cataclysmic Vikings collapse. Hell, cheers to you for getting out of bed today.

We’ve had a rough go of it lately, Growler Nation. We’ve lost some legends. We’ve taken some big “L”s. Our February “Hang in There” issue is here to remind you that, even in February, The Growler life is worth living, that you’re surrounded by an abundance of great food, beverage, and community to lift your spirits in the depths of the winter doldrums.

The state of our collective national psyche is as stressed as it’s ever been. According to the American Psychological Association, more than half of Americans (59 percent) said they consider this the “lowest point in U.S. history that they remember.” The same number (59 percent) said the current social divisiveness causes them stress, and these numbers transcend party lines. “A majority of adults from both political parties say the future of the nation is a source of stress,” according to the study “Stress in America: The State of Our Nation.”

This issue, we urge you to be mindful about finding your own comfort amidst the chaos, and to not be shy about getting the help you need. Whether you’re just looking for an entertaining fireplace read, some comfy places to withstand the winter weather, or you’re actually addressing your own mental wellness, our hope is this issue will help you be well.

Hang in there,

Joseph Alton


Young Joni employees and patrons during a weekday dinner rush // Photo by Daniel Murphy

Young Joni employees and patrons during a weekday dinner rush // Photo by Daniel Murphy

In The Weeds
Creating a culture of self-care in the restaurant industry.
By Erica Rivera

Celeb Truax was never going to be world champ. Someone should have told Caleb Truax.

By Terry Horstman

Artist Profile: Matt Wells
Screaming skulls. A steampunk Steamboat Willie atop weapons of destruction. Post-apocalyptic astronauts traversing through tentacles, blimps, and swirling colors. It’s “dense, frantic, clunky, but funky,” Lizardman explains.
By Kate Murphy

Craft Culture: Fox Meets Bear
An Artful Existence
By Morgan Mercer

Spin Away the Winter Doldrums With 9 Essential Local Albums
Listen, enjoy, hang in there. 
By Maia Jacobson, The Current

Winter Weary? Take A Staycation
For the frugal, and for the fancy.
By Bill Lindeke and Jahna Peloquin

Clues and Solution
By Victor Barocas and Andrew Ries


LII Super Winter Beers // Photo by Aaron Job

LII Super Winter Beers
The Big Game is near, enjoy these LII Super Winter Beers while you cheer.
By Growler Staff

Spirits Close-Up
By John Garland

Craft Cocktail
Walter Mondale at Young Joni
By John Garland

Brewer Profile: Derek Allmendinger of Unmapped Brewing
In a word, Derek is balanced. This balance has been a hallmark of his career.
By Sarah Ratermann Beahan

What We’re Drinking
February 2018
By Growler Staff


Sharon Richards-Noel, prepares and cooks student meals at St. Paul High School every Wednesday // Photo by Wing Ta

Sharon Richards-Noel prepares and cooks student meals at the High School for the Recording Arts in St. Paul every Wednesday // Photo by Wing Ta

Minnesota Spoon: West Indies Soul
With Sharon Richards-Noel
By John Garlund

Season’s Eatings
The science behind seasonal cravings
By Monique Kleinhuizen

Carry-On Chicken
An essay
By MaiThao Xiong

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