The Growler: Issue 53 – March 2018 – Minimalism

Letter from the editor

Growler Issue 53 cover art // Illustration by Nick Zdon

Growler Issue 53 cover art // Illustration by Nick Zdon

Dear Readers,

This month we’re stripping down to the bare essentials. Our Minimalism Mnmlsm Issue is meant as a reminder that enough might just be enough.

We are living in a manic time. Just because we can have anything we want with a few taps on a touchscreen, doesn’t mean we need to. The current age of excess must come to an end. Purge with me, Growler Nation. Let’s use less, waste less, spend less, and make more room for peace and joy and contemplation.

I hereby pledge to spend the month of March conscientiously minimizing the amount of material goods and distractions in my life. Join me. Start with your email inbox (by far the least minimalistic part of my life these days) or a trip to Goodwill this weekend. See where it takes you. I promise you won’t regret it.

Share your March minimalizing with me on Twitter (@JoeAlton) or Instagram (@jay_dee_eh).


Joseph Alton


Photo by Wing Ta

Photo by Wing Ta

Paring down to live more fully.
By Katelyn Regenscheid

Artist Profile: Nick Zdon
“I am a large container of life”
By Kate Murphy

Craft Culture: Woodsport
Simple and Soulful
By Morgan Mercer

The Low Hum
Drone Not Drones’ 28 hours of tunes
By Maia Jacobson, The Current

Clues and Solution
By Victor Barocas and Andrew Ries


A handful of Mt. Hood hops // Photo by Wing Ta

A handful of Mt. Hood hops // Photo by Wing Ta

Brewing Terroir
Unearthing the distinct regional flavor of hops
By Cedar Schimke

The Taste Test
A blind-tasting of 25 Minnesota Pilsners
By Michael Agnew

Spirits Close-Up
White Aperitifs
By John Garland

Craft Cocktails
Martini recipes from Marvel Bar
By John Garland

Brewer Profile: Eric Harper of Utepils Brewing
Eric is as approachable as his beer; simple Old World-style beer without fanfare.
By Sarah Ratermann Beahan

What We’re Drinking
March 2018
By Growler Staff


Photo by Wing Ta

Photo by Wing Ta

The Animal At The Table
Better living through whole-bird butchery
By John Garlund

Tradition & Transcendence: The modest virtuosity of Shigeyuki Furukawa
By Steve Hoffman

Minimalist Kitchen
The 10 essential items you’ll need.
By The Growler Staff

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