The Growler: Issue 55 – May 2018 – Eccentrics

The Growler Issue 55 cover art // Art by Jennifer Davis

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

Since its inception, this magazine has existed to celebrate uniqueness. From the creativity of Minnesota’s most compelling chefs and brewers, to the vibrancy of our local arts and culture, we have always covered the people and organizations who shun mundanity and embrace the unconventional.

Our Eccentrics Issue is dedicated to those among us who challenge convention, and in doing so, add flavor, color, and wonderment to our lives.

We honor those among us who continue to test limits, push boundaries, and expand our spectrum of “normal.” Because beautiful, important, groundbreaking things come from those who see beyond the outlines of the ordinary.

Let your freak flag fly, Growler Nation.

Share your thoughts with me on Twitter (@JoeAlton) or Instagram (@jay_dee_eh).


Joseph Alton



Members of the Southside Battletrain // Photos by Harrison Barden

Craft Culture: Southside Battletrain
Human-powered metal machines
By Morgan Mercer

Minneapolis’ Demon of Screamin’
The life and times of enigmatic rock ‘n’ roller Curtiss A
By Jay Gabler, The Current 

The Inimitable Robert “Fish” Jones
The dandy zookeeper of Minneapolis
By Kim Simmonds

Diving Into The Colorful Multiverse Of Cosplay
Costumed fans bring their favorite characters to life
By Madeleine Vasaly

Underground Action
The rebels, rogues, and urban explorers who mapped the subterranean Twin Cities
By Ben Reeves

Artist Profile
Jennifer Davis
By Kate Murphy

Clues and Solution
By Victor Barocas and Andrew Ries



Dustin Nguyen measures out the ingredients for a Murakami Tea Punch at Martina // Photo by Katie Cannon

Dustin Nguyen measures out the ingredients for a Murakami Tea Punch at Martina // Photo by Katie Cannon

Craft Cocktails
Murakami Tea Punch at Martina
By John Garland

Brewer Profile: Dane Breimhorst of Burning Brothers Brewing
“Well, I’m a pastor’s kid. I had to either go to prison or start a brewery. I guess I picked right!”
By Monique Kleinhuizen

Spirits Close-Up
Lesser Known Liqour
By John Garland

Brewing Relics
Archaeologist Patrick McGovern uncovers the secrets of ancient ales and wines
By Jessica Searles

What We’re Drinking
May 2018
By Growler Staff


Andrew Zimmern // Photo by Adrian Danciu

Beyond Bizarre
Andrew Zimmern on the impact of  “Bizarre Foods” and his hopes for “The Zimmern List”
By Isabelle Wattenberg

Go For Goat
Advocating an under-appreciated protein with chef Alan Bergo
By John Garlund

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