The Growler: Issue 63 – January 2019 – The Future

The Growler Issue 63 cover art, created by Brad Jirka // Photo by Tj Turner

The Growler Issue 63 cover art, created by Brad Jirka // Photo by Tj Turner

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. However, as the calendar turns over to 2019, I can’t help but think about my future goals. Specifically, I have been contemplating a dream of mine to buy a farmhouse in the countryside, plant an apple orchard, and make cider.

I can’t say exactly when the vision first came into my mind—a gravel driveway shaded on either side by lines of espaliered apple, cherry, and pear trees, leading to a farmhouse with a large front porch, adjacent to a classic red barn and a rolling orchard. A few cows and hogs grazing between the rows of apple trees. A large vegetable garden and a cellar with barrels of cider fermenting and aging. What I do know is that, unlike other daydreams that bloom and disappear like frozen sighs in the crisp January air, this vision has settled in my chest and grown more vivid over the past few years.

Still, it’s all too easy to kick our greatest aspirations down the road, or write them off altogether as far-fetched pipe dreams. At times like this I’ve been fortified by talking with people living out similar dreams in real time. The men and women growing apples around Minnesota and making them into local handcrafted cider. My wife’s family members, who started an organic farm and are restoring native prairie in Wisconsin. And people like my former college TA, who left academia and established a farm based on the principles of ecological restoration. All of them demonstrated to me to bring the future closer to the present you have to take that first step.

This month, our “Future” issue tells the stories of people who not only dreamt big but went out, took risks, and are shaping the future of beer, wine, food, and the arts. My hope is that these stories provide you the encouragement you take the first step toward your own goals.

For me, the path forward is clear. This year, it’s time to plant that first tree.


Brian Kaufenberg


Jess Hirsch, left // Photo by Tj Turner

Jess Hirsch, left // Photo by Tj Turner

Craft Culture
Carpentry and Community at Women’s Woodshop
By Lauren Sauer

Hip-Hop Roundtable
Four local artisits on collaboration, creative barriers, and the future of Twin Cities rap
By The Current

Art, Printed
Computers are redefining fine art. But is that a good thing?
By Amy Rea

Artist Profile
Brad Jirka and Katherine Jones
By Lauren Sauer

Clues and Solution
By Victor Barocas and Andrew Ries



Matt Waddell of Wild Mind Artisan Ales // Photo by Daniel Murphy

Back to the Foeder
Minnesota breweries are using a historic technology to spur sour aging invasion
By Zach McCormick

Craft Cocktails
Of The Northern Fashioned
By John Garland

Tina Spurr
Mother of Barrels at Indeed Brewing Company
By Ellen Burkhardt

The Liquid Spice Rack
By Zachary Sapato

C’est Le Vin
Europe’s vintners are buying fruit, lighting fires, and saving good vintages as climate change alters the future of fine wine. 
By Brie Roland

What We’re Drinking
January 2019
By The Growler Staff


Paul Damhof at his shrimp farm near Willmar, Minnesota // Photo by Aaron Job

Little Shrimp on the Prairie
The uncertain future of the world’s oceans is propelling the establishment of saltwater farming in Minnesota
By John Garland

Restaurant Review
Colita’s Many Charms Are Tough to Resist
By James Norton

Minnesota Spoon
Three leading Minnesota chefs break bread, drink wine, and talk about the way food will be eaten—and cooked—in the decades to come.
By James Norton & Brian Kaufenberg

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