The Mash-Up: Big, dark beers make their last stand of the season

Bemidji Brewing Double Porter // Photo via Bemidji Brewing's Facebook

Bemidji Brewing Double Porter // Photo via Bemidji Brewing’s Facebook

With over 170 breweries now pouring their beer in Minnesota, there’s always something new to try. To keep you up to date, we present The Mash-Up—our weekly rundown of new beers and seasonal releases in Minnesota from your favorite local and national breweries. Visit every Friday for the latest or sign up for a weekly email.

Fruit-dominated IPAs continue to rule the market, whether in hazy milkshake iterations or dry-hopped infusions. There are several new options available this week for fans of either style from Insight, Inbound, and more. But it’s also a “big” beer week, thanks to the release of Barrel Aged Darkness from Surly, Maple Barrel Aged Double Porter from Bemidji, and RISé from Broken Clock.

Elsewhere, Fair State and Fargo teamed up for a hemp-based beer, Dangerous Man and Lupulin have a farmhouse ale collaboration, and Barrel Theory is bringing a one-off to Denver for the Craft Brewers Conference. Going into detail about what’s new can never be summed up in a paragraph or two, though. Keep reading for news from Burning Brothers, Bad Weather, Bauhaus, Funkwerks, Grain Belt, Lake Superior, and a whole lot more.



Each week, The Growler’s editorial team highlights five of the most tantalizing new beers hitting taps and store shelves that we’re most excited to try.

Duluth Cider Trailside (Duluth)

“Bright, sparkling strawberry meets fresh, dewy basil in this refreshingly sweet cider made with 100 percent Minnesota apples,” the cidery says. Made with strawberries and basil. Available April 12.

Dangerous Man / Lupulin Det Svakt Fyret Ol (Minneapolis)

A Norwegian farmhouse ale brewed in collaboration with Lupulin, who have a comparable collab on tap at their own brewery as well. For this ale, Dangerous Man explains, “We made a classic-leaning Norwegian farmhouse ale with a mix of bold German and American hops. Utilizing an extreme, very bold Norwegian yeast strain called Hornindal Kveik to meld it all together. The beer is crisp and citrus-forward with a touch of tropical notes, a kiss of smoke, and an undercurrent of earthy spice.” 5.7% ABV, 30 IBU.

Eastlake Increasingly Lost Saison (Minneapolis)

A French/Belgian-style rustic farmhouse ale that pours at 4.5% ABV and features clove and cinnamon notes.

Bauhaus Brew Labs Lounge Wizard (Minneapolis)

This new beer is a new addition to the core Bauhaus lineup. With tropical fruit and candied citrus on the nose, it’s a juicy pale ale with pillowy texture followed by a dry finish, the brewery says. 5.2% ABV, 40 IBU.

Bemidji Maple Barrel Aged Double Porter (Bemidji)

A 9.8% ABV imperial porter aged for four months in maple syrup barrels that previously held bourbon. The brewery calls it a “rich ale bursting with notes of maple sugar, dried fruit, buttered toffee, and cocoa.” Available today in 750-milliliter bottles.

New beers available this week (April 1–April 7)

LynLake Dirty Magic Bock // Photo via LynLake's Twitter

LynLake Dirty Magic Bock // Photo via LynLake’s Twitter

12welve Eyes Brewing

  • Strawberry Pineapple Nordic-Shake – An IPA brewed with Norwegian kveik yeast to enhance its natural fruitiness, then with lactose, strawberry, and pineapple puree added.

21st Amendment Brewery

  • Sparkale – Newly available in cans and on draft, this is a 5.5% ABV rosé ale made with apple, cranberry, cherry, and peach juice.


  • MN Nice IPA – This new beer taps today at the 612 taproom and hits liquor stores next week. Dubbed a “MPLS-style IPA,” it’s 6.0% ABV, 36 IBU, and features Minnesota-sourced malt and hops. “Offering a bright aroma and a slightly hazy-dandelion yellow appearance, this limited IPA boasts beautiful flavors of tangerine peel, wildflower honey, lemon pie, and pine,” the brewery says.

Back Channel Brewing Co.

  • SheeCat – A 3.8% ABV leichtbier. “Light malty sweetness, paired with a low hop bitterness makes SheeCat a light lager that doesn’t sacrifice flavor for its low ABV,” the brewery says.
  • Unified Fund – A New England-style IPA with notes of lychee, papaya, tangerine, and grapefruit, the brewery says. 6.75% ABV.

Bad Weather Brewing Company

  • Epic Moose – A new wild rice beer debuted at a fundraiser for the Friends of the Boundary Waters last Friday.
  • Smoke Rings – A smoked porter with coffee, chocolate, and dark fruit flavors, Bad Weather says.

Barrel Theory Beer Company

  • Hazy Like Sunday Morning – This IPA was made in collaboration with BSG and features Citra, Strata, and Nelson Sauvin hops. Available at the brewery, and also at Juno’s Bar at CBC 2019 in Denver.
  • I Wanna Be Your Endgame – A new IPA made with Galaxy and Mosaic hops.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

  • Lounge Wizard – Top Flight pick

Bent Brewstillery

  • Tropikus – A new hazy IPA made with passion fruit, guava, and grapefruit will make its debut at the brewery today, April 5, at 2:30pm.

Birch’s on the Lake

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Stout – A newly tapped Nutella-like beer. 6.1% ABV.

BlackStack Brewing

  • On Tons – A limited, small batch double dry-hopped triple IPA showcasing the Galaxy hop variety. Taproom only.

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

  • 2018 BA RISé – Broken Clock describes this barrel-aged Russian imperial stout as having “Mild chocolate and smoky roasted aromas. Rich dark chocolate, licorice, and wild berry flavors with a slight alcohol finish.” 10% ABV, 74 IBU. Available in the taproom and in a limited amount of bottles.

Canal Park Brewing Company

  • Alakef Coffee Scwharzbier – Tapped last Friday, the same day that Canal Park introduced Crowler sales at the Duluth brewpub.

Clutch Brewing Co.

  • Plumbus Amongus – A juicy New England-style IPA made with Citra, Idaho 7, and El Dorado hops.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company

  • Cara Cara Honey Gose – A crisp gose that pours at 5.5% ABV, 10 IBU, and has notes of fresh-peeled oranges, stone fruit, and salt with a touch of stone fruit, the brewery says.
  • Det Svakt Fyret Ol – Top Flight pick
  • Tangerine Lassi Sour – A 5.1% ABV, 20 IBU sour ale made in collaboration with Denver Beer Co. and inspired by Indian lassi drinks. “With gobs of tangerine, a hefty dose of coriander, a kiss of sea salt, and sprinkle of hibiscus this one melds everything together for a complex, yet approachable experience,” the brewery says.

Day Block Brewing Company

  • Zero IBU IPA – Tapped last month, this aromatic IPA uses Simcoe, Cashmere, and Southern Passion hops, but none in the boil.

Disgruntled Brewing Company

  • Shield Maiden – The 2019 Pink Boots Brew at Disgruntled is a dry-hopped rosemary saison that was created by a collective of women in the beer industry from Drekker, Fargo Brewing, Junkyard, Disgruntled, Bridgeview Liquors, Artisan Beer Company, and Front Street Taproom.

Drekker Brewing Co.

  • Ope Sorry – A North Dakota collaboration with Half Brothers Brewing, this is a double IPA with oats, plus Sabro, Ariana, and Monroe hops.

Earth Rider Brewery

  • Roller Dames IPA – Brewed for International Women’s Day, this IPA has herbal and citrus notes and all proceeds benefit the Harbor City Roller Dames derby team.

Eastlake Craft Brewery

  • Increasingly Lost Saison – Top Flight pick

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

  • Cuba Libre – An imperial stout inspired by the classic rum & cola with lime cocktail. “We achieved this by making a cola syrup from kola nuts, citrus zest, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, and vanilla and adding it to a rum-barrel aged stout,” Fair State says. It tapped last weekend.
  • Hard Water – A new hard seltzer made with real ingredients that keep the effervescence of seltzers with add distinctive colors. Available on tap and in cans, currently in two flavors: Lemongrass + Ginger + Lemon and Hibiscus + Orange Zest.
  • Zoot! – Tapped on Thursday, this new beer is a lime and grapefruit-infused witbier that is lightly acidic and fruity, the brewery says. Available in liquor stores soon.

Fargo Brewing Company

  • Hippy Feet – Another Fair State-tied beer on the list, this collaborative beer made by Fargo is a “Hemp Heart IPA” that makes this beer earthy, lusty, and green in flavor with strong herbal notes.
  • Tangerine Haze Craze – Available in 6-packs and on draft.
  • The Warming House – “It is a hopped-up Belgian wit beer featuring orange peel, coriander, and lactose,” the brewery says. “This beer has a citrusy, sweet blend of coriander spice and everything nice with a bit of Belgian yeast character to boot!”

Forager Brewery

  • Let Me Know… – Double IPA


  • Passion Fruit Provincial – “This beer exhibits a flourish of tart passion fruit flavor from real fruit,” the brewery says. 4.2% ABV and draft only. The latest in the Provincial series.
  • White – An opaque pale Belgian-style wheat ale with a creamy white head, notes of orange zest, and hints of coriander and chamomile, Funkwerks says. 4.8% ABV. To be available year-round in bottles and on draft.

Giesenbräu Bier Co.

  • Ruth Bitter Ginsburg – A British-style SPB that Giesenbräu says is balanced with biscuity, earthy, fruity, and bitter qualities.

Grain Belt

  • Southwest Cerveza – A crisp, Mexican-style lager that’s described as dry, refreshing, and with a subtle lime flavor.

Grand Rounds Brewing Company

  • Thirst Burst – A 4.6% ABV, 8 IBU sour smoothie.

HeadFlyer Brewing

  • Lavender Grapefruit Gose – Tapped on Thursday as part of the brewery’s Beyond the Door series.

Inbound BrewCo

  • Mango Milkshake Sour – New in the Pastry Ale series, this gose with mango, lactose, and vanilla pours at 5.5% ABV, 20 IVU.

Indeed Brewing Company

  • Hop Dab IPA – A new one-off IPA made with Mosaic, Citra, and Ekuanot hop oils. Indeed says it’s crisp, clean, and aromatic. Available in 4-packs and on tap.

Insight Brewing

  • Llewd Llama – Seven Curses of the Llewd Llama is a milkshake IPA with Peruvian golden berries. At 6.1% ABV, it’s hazy with a soft mouthfeel, offering golden berry notes, plus hints of pineapple and mango, grapes, citric acidity, and a touch of bitterness at the finish.

Island City Brewing Company

  • River Bender – This new option is a West Coast-style IPA that the brewer says is light in body with big hop notes.

Kinney Creek Brewery

  • The Elder

Lake Superior Brewing Co.

  • Chocolate Bock – On tap at the brewery for Firkin Friday on April 5.

Left Hand Brewing Company

  • Flamingo Dreams Nitro – Previously announced in the brewery’s 2019 brand calendar, this pink nitro ale with berry notes is out now.

Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.

  • Kentucky Coffee Barrel Cream Ale – A new cream ale that was brewed with coffee and aged in bourbon barrels. “This brew has a pronounced coffee flavor unique to a cream ale, with just enough bourbon sweetness to balance the notes of bitter coffee,” the brewery says. 5.5% ABV.

Little Thistle Brewery

  • Garth Brooks Juice Diet – A hazy Double IPA.

LTS Brewing Company

  • What She’s Having – A 6.4% ABV, 59 IBU New England-style IPA with “tropical fruit, dankness, and a hint of coconut,” the brewery says.

Lupine Brewing Company

  • Luna Wolf – Pink in color, this is a 4.5% ABV, 21 IBU French-style saison with a hint of fruit flavor.
  • Squawk of Crows – A 5.5% ABV, 28 IBU nitro porter with hints of chocolate and coffee along with a creamy sweet finish, the brewery says.

Lupulin Brewing Company

  • Fun Pants – A 5% ABV Kolsch, available at the brewery.

LynLake Brewery

  • Dirty Magic – This is a 6.5% ABV, 22 IBU bock with toasted bread and caramel notes, described as a springtime patio crusher by the brewery.
  • Joke’s On You – A non-alcoholic version of Rubbish Scottish oat amber ale. Now available at the brewery.
  • Still Gonna Send It – This sour milkshake IPA is described as citrus tartness up front with notes of melon, mango, fresh berries, and a touch of lactose. 5.4% ABV, 32 IBU.

OMNI Brewing Company

  • Irish Stout – A dry Irish stout. 6.3% ABV, 30 IBU.
  • Something Something Something Dark Side – A 4.9% ABV, 25 IBU oatmeal stout with cacao nibs.

O’so Brewing Company

  • Oh! You Witty Things – A dry-hopped, kettle sour Belgian wit to be sold in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans, the first O’so cans to be available in Minnesota.

Pryes Brewing

  • Main Squeeze – Pryes’ blonde ale infused with natural lemon and lime flavors. Also available in cans.

Revelation Ale Works

  • Cashmere Milkshake IPA – A Cashmere-hopped milkshake IPA with added lactose and vanilla.
  • Smoothie Sour – A triple berry sour ale with blackberry, boysenberry, and blueberry juice, plus an added touch of lactose to smooth things out.

Roets Jordan Brewery

  • Farmhouse IPA – A 7.2% ABV, 75 IBU Norwegian farmhouse IPA
  • Fruity – A 5% ABV kettle sour with plum and berries
  • Roets Rye – A 6.2% ABV, 40 IBU German rye pale ale

Shakopee Brewhall

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Infusion – Tapped this week at the Brewhall.
  • Quaken in My Boots – A new oatmeal stout.

Summit Brewing Company

  • Cabin Crusher – A new Kölsch-style ale brewed with lime peel and lime puree. Available at the Ratskeller now and in the Block Party variety pack soon.
  • Slugfest Juicy IPA – An unfiltered IPA that highlights current American IPA trends and connects with Summit’s classical European approach to brewing. Summit says that “Slugfest is balanced by malt notes of toast, English biscuits, and bread crust,” plus hoppy notes of tangerine, melon, and lemon. Available in the Block Party Box variety pack now, with a full release in May.

Talking Waters Brewing Co.

  • Lost in Translation – A New England-style IPA made with Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. Crowlers are available at select metro stores.

Tilion Brewing Company

  • Promise! – A new West Coast-style IPA made with Golden Promise barley, plus Simcoe and Hellertauer Blanc hops.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

  • Pineapple Petite Sour – Tapped on Tuesday at the brewery. Limited supply.

Town Hall Brewery

  • High Rye – A rye ale with floral flavors, caramel, clove, and a rich spicy finish, the brewery says.

Union 32 Craft House

  • Enkel Bitter Trappist Single – The winner of the Autumn Home Brew Competition, brought to public release.

Waconia Brewing Company

  • Loch Waconia Export – Scottish ale, on tap now.

Wild Mind Artisan Ales

  • Obscenity – “Obscenity was never boiled. Instead, the beer was brought to 180°F for a whirlpool addition of Rakau hops before being cooled for primary fermentation at above 90°F with Norwegian kveik yeast. To accentuate the yeast’s tropical flavors, the beer was dry-hopped with additional Rakau,” the brewery says.
  • Square One – A new saison, open-fermented to capture native, local microflora in the yeast culture.

Seasonal or rotating returns

Lakes & Legends Brewing Company’s Two Ravens amber ale // Image via Lakes & Legends’ Facebook

Bad Weather Brewing

  • Maibock – Tapped on Tuesday.

Badger Hill Brewing Company

  • Blood Orange Traitor – On tap at the brewery for a limited time.

Barrel Theory Beer Company

  • DDH Chazz Michael Michaels – An exclusively Simcoe-hopped IPA, double dry-hopped.
  • DDH Shooter McGavin – A double dry-hopped version of the Cita-hopped IPA.

Beaver Island Brewing Co.

  • Tribute – The summer IPA is out now.

Bemidji Brewing

  • Maple Barrel Aged Double Porter – Top Flight pick

Burning Brothers Brewing

On Saturday, April 6, Burning Brothers will host a 5-year anniversary party with the following beers on tap:

  • Blonde Ale
  • Blueberry Pancake Ale
  • Double IPA
  • Experimental Red IPA
  • Imperial Stout
  • Let Me See What I Can Do IPA
  • Maibock
  • Parched Lime Shandy

Castle Danger Brewery

  • Nordic – A Sahti-style rye ale. Making its return on April 5.

Eastlake Craft Brewery

  • Electric Mayhem – An IPA with notes of pine, passionfruit, and peach.

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

  • Cloud Cutter Hoppy Wheat Ale
  • Rally Drum Red Ale – Back for baseball season.

Hoops Brewing Company

  • #11 Pilsener – A German-style Pils.
  • #5050 Hefeweizen – A 5.8% ABV, 18 IBU German-style wheat ale.
  • #96 Blueberry Pale Ale – This is a pale ale infused with 900 pounds of blueberries. 5.7% ABV, 36 IBU.

Kinney Creek Brewery

  • Honkin’ Red – Tapped last week.
  • Strong Ale

Lakes & Legends Brewing Company

  • Two Ravens – Amber ale

Left Hand Brewing Company

  • Good Juju – A 4.9% ABV ginger pale ale.

Schell’s Brewery

  • Goosetown – A German-style gose with coriander and salt, which has a light, citrus tartness, and a bready malt bill.
  • Hefeweizen – Schell’s hefeweizen is back. This wheat ale offers a slight citrus tang and faint clove notes.
  • Shocked – A light grapefruit lager. Available the first week of April.

Stone Brewing

  • Stone ///Fear.Movie.Lions Double IPA – Named after a square inside the Richmond, VA brewery, this beer is an East Coast-inspired IPA brewed by a West Coast brewery. “Fittingly, Stone ///Fear.Movie.Lions Double IPA takes the East Coast inspiration of an unfiltered IPA, but spares any predictability beyond its lack of filtration,” the brewery says. “It’s amped up to 8.5% ABV with a noticeably West Coast-influenced bitterness, and tactfully balanced Richmond-style finish.”

Surly Brewing Company

  • Barrel-Aged Darkness – The days may be longer, but there is still Darkness. Available in 750-milliliter bottles.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

  • Lingonström – The lingonberry cream ale is back now, including in local liquor stores.

Beers just announced

Grain Belt Blu // Image via Grain Belt’s Twitter

Beaver Island Brewing Company

  • Ripple Blueberry – Coming soon, the brewery says.

Bent Paddle Brewing Company

  • Trampled American Golden Ale – Bent Paddle Brewing Co. partnered with Trampled by Turtles to create a collaboration beer—Trampled American Golden Ale. “Trampled American Golden Ale is 4.6% ABV with a golden / straw color with a not-too-sweet malt profile and is dry-hopped for a fresh hop flavor on the end,” says the brewery. It will be “pre-released” at Bent Paddle’s 6th annual Festiversary on Saturday, May 11, at the brewery, with a full release on May 13.

Birch’s on the Lake

  • Pink Guava Shandy – A new 5.3% ABV shandy will tap April 8.
  • Scotch Ale – A new 8% ABV Scotch ale it set to tap on April 16.

Duluth Cider

  • Trailside – Top Flight pick

Eastlake Craft Brewery

  • Almond Milk Stout – This lactose-free stout will be available year round beginning this summer, the brewery announced in a recent newsletter.
  • Like Yeah, Bro – Coming on April 20, Eastlake says this is “a juicy IPA brewed with Idaho 7 and Idaho Gem hop hash sourced straight from the farm.”
  • Sour Haze – Another April 20 release, sour haze uses Eastlake’s sour base with heavy dry-hopping for notes of passion fruit and guava. 4.8% ABV.

Grain Belt Beer

  • Blu – This blueberry version of classic Grain Belt will return next month.

Lake Superior Brewing Co.

  • Strawberry Rhubarb North Shore Wheat – On tap at the brewery for Firkin Friday on May 3.
  • Triple Mango Riptide – A 10-gallon batch of Riptide will be infused with fresh fruit and on tap on June 7, the brewery says.

Lupulin Brewing Company

  • Apricot Blonde – “On the horizon,” according to a recent brewery newsletter.
  • Fjord Stomper – An 8.75% ABV double IPA to tap later this month, the brewery says.
  • Fruitsmack – A new series of limited IPAs will be hazy with a soft finish and minimal bitterness, Lupulin says, using a different fruit in each batch. The first batch will feature raspberry and vanilla. 6% ABV.
  • Hooey – This 6.2% ABV hazy IPA will return this month.
  • Imperial Coconut Truffle – A 9% ABV imperial porter with chocolate and coconut.
  • Lateralus – Coming this month, Lateralus is an 11% imperial stout.
  • S’mores – A 6% “S’mores ale.”
  • Sterkt Fyr – A soon to release 7.1% ABV Norwegian farmhouse ale brewed in collaboration with Dangerous Man.
  • Straight Hash Homie – A hop hash double IPA, available on 4/20 at 4:20pm.

Shakopee Brewhall

  • Herd of Turtles – A desert stout that taps on April 23.
  • Trumpter Swan Saison – To tap on April 16 at the brewery.
  • Waheela – A coffee ale made in collaboration with Otso Cycles in Burnsville and Chaska’s Driven Coffee Roasters, scheduled to debut on April 27.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

  • Salted Nut Roll Ale – Following the success of Nut Goodie Porter last fall, Tin Whiskers has teamed up with Pearson’s again for another candy-inspired beer. Brewed with peanut butter, white chocolate, and salted caramel, this is a light-bodied ale with moderate sweetness and subtle saltiness, the brewery says. It debuts at the Minnesota Craft Beer Festival on April 13, taps at the brewery on April 19, and will be in cans in late April or early May.

Waldmann Brewery

  • Maibock – This spring beer debuts at Waldmann’s first annual Maifest on Saturday, May 18.

Wooden Hill Brewing Company

  • Honeycomb – Returning later this month, the brewery says.

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