The Mash-Up: Brewers get ‘spontaneous’ with new offerings this week

Portage Brewing Company's ABLOOM, a spontaneous fermented beer // Photo via Portage Brewing's Instagram

Portage Brewing Company’s ABLOOM, a spontaneously fermented beer // Photo via Portage Brewing’s Instagram

With over 150 breweries now pouring their beer in Minnesota, there’s always something new to try. To keep you up-to-date, we present The Mash-Up—our weekly rundown of new beers and seasonal releases in Minnesota from your favorite local and national breweries. Visit every Friday for the latest or sign up for a weekly email.

Brewers are feeling spontaneous this week. Today marks the very limited return of a Boom Island favorite, their Belgian-style, spontaneously fermented Kriek. Portage Brewing has several mixed culture offerings during a week of releases. Fair State is putting out a mixed culture witbier. Beyond wild ales and Berliner weisses, this week also brings with it a hefty amount of specialty small-batch beers, including special series beers out now, or out soon, from Surly, Wooden Hill, and Copper Trail. Hoops Brewing and Earth Rider also have celebratory beers in development.



Each week, The Growler’s editorial team highlights five of the most tantalizing new beers hitting taps and store shelves that we’re most excited to try.

56 Brewing Big 3

This is a double dry-hopped double IPA, made with Vertical Malting 2-row barley, hopped in the kettle with Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria, then double dry hopped with Vic Secret, Hallertau Blanc, and Mandarina Bavaria. It’s a mighty 8.2% ABV.

Portage Cloudrest

The first release in “The Week of Releases” is Cloudrest, a mixed fermentation double IPA on tap Friday, June 29. It was brewed with Portage’s house blend of wild yeast and five pounds per barrel of Citra, Simcoe Cryo, and Vic Secret hops. 8.0% ABV. See “Beers Just Announced” for more Portage beers to come.

The Freehouse No. 44 Raspberry Kettle Sour

Freehouse has a new kettle sour on tap this week. No. 44 Raspberry Kettle Sour is “light bodied with a very strong acidic profile; flavor and aromatic notes of raspberry, fresh flowers, and grapefruit; higher carbonation adds to the bite,” the brewery says. 5% ABV, 10 IBU.

Boom Island Kriek

A single keg of the barrel-aged sour with cherries from the Spontaneous Series returns at 4pm on Friday, June 29. Aged in barrels for over a year, “this Kriek is not sweet, but dry, sour, and nutty with a cherry funk. Delicious and distinctive, this style of beer has been known to convert newcomers to sours and create a wider audience to the Belgian tradition of brewing,” the brewery says. Draft only, taproom only.

Back Channel Something New

Something New is “a light saison base that has a significant amount of elderberry added at the end of fermentation and finished with Champagne yeast to dry it out,” the brewery says. They describe it as lightly sweet with prominent berry notes, complemented by faint clove, bubblegum, and Champagne flavors and finishing lightly dry and tart. 9.25% ABV, 29 IBU.

New beers available this week (June 25 – July 1)

Fargo Brewing Company's Hot Cap // Photo via Fargo Brewing Company Twitter

Fargo Brewing Company’s Hot Cap // Photo via Fargo Brewing Company Twitter

10K Brewing

  • Simtennial IPA

12welve Eyes Brewing

  • Cinndy – Tapped last week, this stout was brewed with cinnamon sticks and lactose sugar. 5.0% ABV.

56 Brewing

  • Tap #10 – A taproom-only Mosaic pale ale with lactose, tapping on Friday, June 29. 5.5% ABV.
  • Big 3 – Top Flight selection.

Alloy Brewing

  • White Noise – A white chocolate stout released for the brewery’s first anniversary last weekend.

Back Channel Brewing

  • Something New – Top Flight selection.

Barley John’s Brewpub

  • Oops Baby Berliner – This kettle sour is defined by “a bright and effervescent body with a slight pucker and a pleasantly dry finish,” the brewpub says.

Bent Paddle Brewing Company

  • Berliner Weisse – Raspberry – Bent Paddle’s first Berliner Weisse, available at select bars. 

Boathouse Brothers Brewing Co.

  • Oatmeal Stout – Tapped on Monday. 6.1% ABV.

Bobbing Bobber Brewing Co.

  • Here Fishy Fishy Hefeweizen – Notes of clove and banana define this hefeweizen, according to the brewery.

Brewery Ommegang

  • Queen of the Seven Kingdoms – The second in the Game of Thrones Royal Reserve Collection (inspired by Cersei Lannister), this June 29 release blends Belgian sour ale and Belgian-style blonde ale characteristics.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company

  • Cucumber Gose – 4.9% ABV, 7 IBU
  • Mexican Lager – 5.6% ABV, 14 IBU
  • Ginger Wheat – Brewed with three types of wheat, honey malt, Hallertau Blanc hops, and fresh ginger. 

Disgruntled Brewing

  • Two-Tarted Berliner Weisse – “Crafted true to style brewed with 50% malted barley and 50% malted wheat. The two tarts-blackberries and blueberries raise the bar on fruit flavor and give it a purple haze,” Disgruntled says. 4% ABV 4.9 IBU.

Excelsior Brewing Company

  • Homebrew by White Iron Band – Available in 750-milliliter bottles at the brewery.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

  • One Variable at a Time – “A funky sour witbier. A stainless fermented mixed culture witbier with amchoor powder that took its sweet time becoming a sour,” the brewery says. 5.0% ABV, 10 IBU.

Fargo Brewing Company

  • Hot Cops –An habanero apricot wheat, available today.
  • Lunar Haze – A New England-style IPA

Forager Brewery

  • Johnny C’s – On tap now, this beer features Trappist yeast alongside oak tones and earthy buckwheat honey.
  • Pen Island – “This German wheat beer is conditioned atop tons of coconut and drinks like banana cream pie,” the brewery says.
  • Twisted Zwieg: Raspberry – A collaboration beer with Vagabund Brauerei (Berlin, Germany), this raspberry beer was aged in oak barrels over the winter.

Founders Brewing Co.

  • Barrel Runner – The fourth in the Barrel-Aged Series was inspired by cocktails. “Barrel Runner is … sweet and hoppy, rich and bright—this rum barrel-aged imperial IPA brewed with Mosaic hops will make you believe you’re in the tropics,” the brewery says. 11.1% ABV.

The Freehouse

  • No. 44 Raspberry Kettle Sour – Top Flight selection.

Fulton Brewing

  • Summer IPA – Available in the taproom now.

Garphish Brewing Company

  • Bag Limit Amber – A new amber ale brewed with Cascade and Crystal hops and 20 pounds of brown sugar. 5.9% ABV.
  • Rye-CERA-Hops

Hayes’ Public House

  • Peanut Butter Oatmeal Stout – 6.4% ABV, 35 IBU, and tapped this Wednesday.

Hoops Brewing

  • #627 Strawberry Shortcake – At 5.3% ABV, 8 IBU, this is a malt-forward ale with pie crust notes and added strawberry puree. It was brewed to mark the brewery’s one-year anniversary.

Invictus Brewing

  • Sharesies – A new saison, pouring at 5.9% ABV, 15 IBU.

Lakeville Brewing Co.

  • Shay’s Hope – A blood orange hazy IPA that pours at 5.5% ABV, 20 IBU.

Nutmeg Brewhouse

  • Coffee Steam – “A smooth malty beer with a rich coffee flavor,” the brewery says.

Portage Brewing Company

  • Cloudrest – Top Flight selection.

Roets Jordan Brewery

  • Jordan Pale Ale – An American pale ale at 5.6% ABV, 38 IBU.
  • Juicy/Mango Infusion – A mango-infused hazy IPA with Galaxy and Mosaic hops. 6.6% ABV, 66 IBU.

Spilled Grain Brewhouse

  • Colonial Ale – A “historical ale” released on Wednesday, June 27.
  • Short Temper – A chocolate oatmeal stout on nitro. Taproom only.

Summit Brewing Company

  • Barrel-Aged Banjaxed – Summit’s previously released Pizza Lucé-exclusive Irish-style brown ale was put in rye whiskey barrels, giving it additional notes of caramel, stone fruit, brown sugar, toffee, vanilla, rye, and black cherries. Available at select locations.
  • Barrel-Aged Great Northern Porter – Aged in Jamaican rum barrels, this twist on Summit’s esteemed porter debuted on June 28 in a limited release.

Surly Brewing Company

  • Brewer’s Choice Axe Man Cask – Available at the Beer Hall for Cask Saturday, June 30.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

  • Raspberry Kolsch – Available Friday, June 29.

Urban Forage Winery and Cider House

  • Rhubarb Cider – “Part cider, part rhubarb wine, and carbonated to a light sparkle,” the cidery says.

Utepils Brewing Co.

  • Ewald the Dark
  • Eyemouth

Venn Brewing Company

  • Callista EPA – Highlighting Callista hops, this extra pale ale has berry, melon, citrus, and tropical flavors. 5.8% AVE, 40 IBU.

Wicked Wort Brewing Company

  • Oh Myyy Sour Mango IIPA – 8.0% ABV, 80 IBU

Wooden Hill Brewing Company

  • Code 3: Galaxy Dry-Hopped – This beer debuted Wooden Hill’s “Extremely Small Batch” series of five-gallon batches. This take on Code 3 is defined by its fruity flavor and aroma, the brewery says. Tapped last Friday, June 22, in limited supply.

Seasonal or rotating returns

Cuyuna Brewing Mosaic Blueberry Wheat // Photo via Cuyuna Brewing's Instagram

Cuyuna Brewing’s Mosaic Blueberry Wheat // Photo via Cuyuna Brewing’s Instagram

12welve Eyes Brewing

  • Hophthalmologist – An American IPA heavily hopped with Mosaic. “It has the perfect balance of bitterness, maltiness, and fruity Mosaic hop notes,” the brewery says.

Barrel Theory Beer Company

  • Drop Tops – West Coast-style IPA
  • Rage Quit Pilsner

Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

  • Citrus Party Kanū – Now available in 16-ounce cans.

Boom Island Brewing Company

  • Kriek – Top Flight selection.

Burning Brothers Brewing

  • Parched – The summer lime shandy is now available in cans.

Cuyuna Brewing Company

  • Mosaic Blueberry Wheat – A hoppy wheat ale with added blueberries to complement the Mosaic hops. 5.75% ABV, 30 IBU.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company

  • Mixed Berry Milkshake IPA

Hayes’ Public House

  • Hillbilly Peach Picker – Reborn as a milkshake IPA, Hayes says to expect “loads of sweet tropical fruit, big juicy notes of peaches and apricots.” 6% ABV, 40 IBU, tapped last week.

Inbound BrewCo

  • Gose – A tart and crisp ale.

Roets Jordan Brewery

  • Bearded Lad – Roets’ American amber ale is back on tap. 5.8% ABV, 25 IBU.

Wooden Hill Brewing Company

  • Mango Strut – Batch #2 of this tart mango ale has more mango that its predecessor.

Beers just announced

Surly Brewing Company's Rose // Photo courtesy Surly Brewing Company

Surly Brewing Company’s Rosé // Photo courtesy Surly Brewing Company

Boom Island Brewing Company

  • Cherry Ming – Boom Island’s newest summer-minded beer with added cherries. “Ming is lightly hopped and has a delicate and refreshing cherry aroma,” Boom Island says. 4.2% ABV, 25 IBU.

Burning Brothers Brewing

  • Black Pepper Porter – Tapping on July 20.

Copper Trail Brewing Company

  • Ruby Wheat – The third beer in Copper Trail’s wheat series uses strawberry and rhubarb for a sweet and fruity flavor with subtle honey notes, the brewery says. 5.5% ABV, 17 IBU.

Earth Rider Brewery

  • Norseman Summer Ale – “New Belgium Brewing Brewmaster Chris Holbrook collaborated with Earth Rider’s director of brewing Frank Kaszuba to craft this easy summer drinker. The “Norseman Summer Ale is made with a Norwegian yeast strain and cranberries,” the brewery says of this exciting collaboration. Tapping on Tuesday, July 3.

Hayes’ Public House

  • Fliodhas Imperial Milk Stout – A collaboration brew with Duluth’s Dubh Linn Brew Pub is coming soon. It will also be served infused with Irish cream. 7.0% ABV.

Hunyuck Brew Co.

  • Hunyuck will release two lagers, two pale ales, an Imperial IPA, an IPA hybrid, and Oger IPA next month. They are currently contract brewing with plans for their own production facility and taproom in 2019.

New Belgium Brewing

  • Voodoo Ranger Liquid Paradise IPA – “The Voodoo Ranger Special Release series gives our brewers a hoppy playground, if you will, a place to play with ingredients, aromas and flavors. Liquid Paradise offers great flavors and is packed full of wonderful aromas, and we’re just getting started showing off our capabilities as a brewer of hoppy beer,” says Ross Koenigs, research and development brewer at New Belgium. Available in the first week of July in 16-ounce cans as well as on draft.

Portage Brewing Company

  • ABLOOM – Continuing “The Week of Releases” theme, Portage will unveil their first sour that was fermented and keg-conditioned with 100% local microflora from Chippewa National Forest. “Fragrant notes of lemon, citrus, and flower pack this wild ale full of terroir,” the brewery says. 5.5% ABV and releasing on July 4.
  • Guava Passionfruit ABLOOM– A five-gallon infusion batch of ABLOOM with added tropical fruits. Available on July 4.
  • Jalapaloma – Described as a “Sour Slushie IPA with Jalapeños, Lime, and Grapefruit.” Available on July 2.
  • Pomegranate Cucumber Dreamsicle – Tapping on July 6, this vanilla chocolate porter was “brewed with pounds of pomegranate, cucumber, cocoa nibs, and vanilla,” the brewery says, in collaboration with the Upstream Homebrewers Club.

Surly Brewing Company

  • Double Rosé – It’s beer hall-only, infused with raspberry, kiwi, and lemon, and available in limited supply on July 3.
  • Mosaic Kettle Sour – New in the BC Small Batch Series, this is a lightly tart kettle sour dry-hopped on Mosaic and fermented with Saccharomyces Trois yeast. With no fruit added, Surly says it “packs a funky mango punch and citrus fruit aromatics.” Available next week.
  • Rosé – Also available in cans next week and of the BC Small Batch Series, this pink-ish summer refresher features currants and strawberries.

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