The Mash-Up: New year, new beer

Portage Brewing Company's Double Coffeecake Imperial Stout // Photo via Portage Brewing Company Facebook

Portage Brewing Company’s Double Coffeecake Imperial Stout // Photo via Portage Brewing Company Facebook

With over 170 breweries now pouring their beer in Minnesota, there’s always something new to try. To keep you up to date, we present The Mash-Up—our weekly rundown of new beers and seasonal releases in Minnesota from your favorite local and national breweries. Visit every Friday for the latest or sign up for a weekly email.

The New Year’s Eve parties inspired a lot of new beers this week, from mixed culture ales to barrel-aged behemoths. With 2019 now officially started, breweries are looking ahead. Fulton has a busy year planned, including a Grapefruit Lonely Blonde, seasonal variety packs, and a summer radler.

Looking ahead, Town Hall has unveiled the Showcase of Sippers series, in which the brewery at 7 Corners will pour several base beers that will evolve into the beers showcased during February’s Barrel Aged Week. Five will be on tap each week, building up to the release of the barrel-aged versions.

In other news this week, Mankato celebrates their anniversary with a special beer release on Saturday. Additionally, Hop & Barrel is planning for their first anniversary across the Wisconsin border in Hudson, and Portage has several new beers on tap and more to come next week.



Each week, The Growler’s editorial team highlights five of the most tantalizing new beers hitting taps and store shelves that we’re most excited to try.

Lakeville Winter Rain

“Winter Rain is a Norse Farmhouse ale fermented with a fast and hot fermenting strain of yeast giving it a slightly fruity nose,” the brewery says. “Additions of cinnamon hit the nose and additions of spruce tips leave you dreaming of a white Christmas deep into the (hopefully) harsh depths of the New Year.” 7% ABV.

Town Hall Cherry Grand Cru

A strong Belgian ale aged on Michigan cherries, which after moving into bourbon barrels becomes Manhattan Reserve.

Portage Camp Vibes

As Portage explains, this is a hybrid IPA experiment: “Designed with a NEIPA malt bill, West Coast hop bill, and fermented with our house culture of mixed yeast, this IPA…[was] double dry-hopped with Chinook, Idaho 7, Cascade, Citra, and El Dorado hops, for aromatics of pungent pine, pineapple, citrus, and bubble gum.” Available now.

OMNI Double Raspberry Double Vanilla Milkshake IPA

This new Malt Shop series IPA released in the taproom on New Year’s Eve and will be sold in 4-packs of cans soon.

Wild Mind Réveillon

The namesake beer at Wild Mind’s annual New Year’s Eve party, this is a cider ale fermented with ale yeast and refermented on white wine grapes for a lightly sweet body and dry finish, the brewery says.


New beers available this week (December 31–January 6)

10K Brewing Company's Sticky Timber // Photo via 10K Brewing Company Twitter

10K Brewing Company’s Sticky Timber // Photo via 10K Brewing Company Twitter

10K Brewing

  • Blackberry Sour – 10K tapped its first first Berliner weisse in December.
  • Doppelbock – The brewery describes this one as “a strong German lager. Malty yet crisp.”
  • Sticky Timber – Now available.

12welve Eyes Brewing

  • Altbier – This German altbier is dark and malty with notes of toasted bread and biscuit, the brewery says, with a light, easy drinking body.
  • Belgian Chocolate Stout – “This batch of our Chocolate Stout was fermented with a clean Belgian yeast strain to give it more complex flavors,” the brewery explains.
  • Hawaiian Milkshake IPA – A milkshake IPA made with passion fruit, tangerine, and guava with a notable dry-hopped Citra flavor as well.
  • I Am Lorde – A New Zealand-influenced IPA that was brewed with German malts and yeast to complement the New Zealand hop varieties.

Angry Inch Brewing

  • Resilience Butte County Proud IPA

Bad Weather Brewing

  • Anomaly infused with Raspberries – Available at the taproom.

Badger Hill Brewing Company

  • Vanilla Macchiato Stout – Brewer’s Batch No. 2, this is available in a new winter Mixed Pack.

Barrel Theory Beer Company

  • Ghost Train Haze – A new IPA made with Amarillo, Mosaic, Citra, and New Zealand Cascade hops.
  • Slime Green Paint Peanut Butter Inside – An imperial milk stout with peanut butter cups and more peanut butter.
  • Spring Break ’98 – A new raspberry and pineapple Berliner weisse.

Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

  • Guillermo Cold Press Black – The January Infusion release from Bent Paddle takes Cold Press Black and infused it with lime and citrus zest, plus vanilla. Available at select bars and restaurants.

Birch’s Lowertown

  • Dark Cherry Sour – A dark and malty kettle sour made with Montmorency cherry. The recipe that just ran out at Birch’s on the Lake. 5.6% ABV.

Birch’s on the Lake

  • Mosaic Sour – A 6.2% ABV kettle sour dry-hopped with Mosaic hops.

BlackStack Brewing

  • Still Watching? – A new double IPA that released last week. 8% ABV and made with Citra, El Dorado, Ella and Rakau hops.

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

  • That Salty Quaker – A new salted caramel oatmeal stout.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company

  • Galaxy Brut IPA – Released before the calendar turned to 2019, this Brut IPA has sauvignon blanc grapes, melon, pineapple, and citrus on the tongue.
  • Tangerine Vegan Matcha Creamsicle – A milkshake IPA without the lactose. Brewed with oats, wheat, and honey malt, plus Matcha Powder, pineapples, tangerine juice, and vanilla beans.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

  • Mr. Falcon – A hazy collaboration with Barrel Theory, featuring Citra, Strato, and Columbus hops.

HeadFlyer Brewing

  • Holla Day – A new Beyond the Door infusion that adds cinnamon-spiced cranberries and orange to complement the base HeadFlyer honey ale.

Inbound BrewCo

  • Barrel Aged Wild Rice Porter – Aged for five months in bourbon barrels, this 8.1% ABV, 31 IBU variation of Wild Rice Porter is rich, nutty, and slightly sweet, the brewery says, with notes of bourbon from the barreling process. Available on draft and in limited bottles.

Junkyard Brewing Co.

  • Cashmere Sky NEIPA w/ Vanilla – Now available in Crowlers.
  • DDH Green Terrain NEIPA – Now available in Crowlers.
  • Far Out Stout Black Walnut – Now available in Crowlers.
  • Proverbial Substance – A dry-hopped sour ale with fruit and brettanomyces. “One of our best mixed culture sours to date,” the brewery says. Available in Crowlers.

La Doña Cervecería

  • Dark as the Night – A dunkel lager.

Lakeville Brewing Co.

  • Winter Rain – Top Flight selection.

Lupulin Brewing Company

  • Hipsterlicious – A New Zealand Pilsner that pours at 5.5% ABV, 35 IBU.

Mankato Brewery

  • Most Wanted – Mankato will celebrate their anniversary with a release of this barrel-aged imperial stout on Saturday, January 5.

New Belgium Brewing

  • Brut IPA – A new sparking IPA that’s part of the Up Next Series, this bright and bubbly India pale ale is available for celebrating the New Year.

Northbound Smokehouse & Brewery

  • Mexican Chocolate Stout – Tapped on Thursday.

OMNI Brewing Co.

  • Double Raspberry Double Vanilla Milkshake IPA – This new Malt Shop series IPA released in the taproom on New Year’s Eve and will be sold in 4-packs of cans soon.

Portage Brewing Company

  • Camp Vibes – Top Flight selection.
  • Double Coffeecake – Available today, January 4, this version of Coffeecake Blonde Ale is brewed with more coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla than its flagship inspiration.

Pryes Brewing

Pryes celebrated the New Year with a series of infusions at the brewery:

  • Black Cherry Miraculum
  • Blood Orange Bohemian Blonde
  • Blueberry Bohemian Blonde
  • Mango Miraculum

The brewery also released:

  • Experimental Hazy #3 – A hazy IPA with a new experimental hop that gives this IPA apricot, pineapple, and peach flavors complemented by a pillowy mouthfeel. 7.1% ABV.

Roets Jordan Brewery

  • IPA Tropical – A hazy IPA with tropical fruit and citrus flavors. 6.9% ABV, 70 IBU.
  • Roets Berry – A honey and berry ale that pours at 6.4% ABV, 17 IBU.
  • Roets Stout Infused with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – 6.5% ABV, 27 IBU

Rogue Ales & Spirits

  • Outta Line – A West Coast-style IPA that releases on New Year’s Day, this IPA offers tropical tangerine and mango flavors balanced by malt sweetness, the brewery says.

Schram Vineyards Winery & Brewery

  • Champagne Cream Ale – This released shortly before the new year.

Shakopee Brewhall

  • Resilience Butte County Proud IPA – This charitable beer pours at 7.2% ABV, 67 IBU.
  • Russian Imperial Stout

Surly Brewing Company

  • Circular Reasoning Roggenbier – A Beer Hall-only roggenbier with barley, rye, and weizen yeast for fruity, light, and well-rounded flavors, the brewery says.
  • DAF IPA – A seasonal 6-pack Brut IPA “that delivers dynamic, fruit-forward hop flavor with a spectacularly dry finish,” the brewery says.
  • Layer Up – Available in the winter Thaw Pack Variety Pack (along with Furious, Xtra-Citra, and 60 Below), this is a hazy German-style ale with fruit-forward flavors.
  • Weizenbock – “A German winter beer, Weizenbock marries the refreshing character and ester profile of a Weissebier with the malty, brawny punch of a doppelbock,” Surly says.

Town Hall Brewery

Barrel Aged Week won’t come until February, but Town Hall is previewing the lineup in a new way this year with the “Showcase of Sippers,” in which the brewery will serve a taste of the base beers featured in this year’s February lineup. The sipper lineup will change weekly based on demand, but with five on tap at any given time. This week’s menu includes:

  • Cherry Grand Cru – Top Flight selection.
  • Eye of the Storm – A base honey ale that becomes Eye Wine Red after aging in a red wine barrel.
  • Foolish – A Belgian quad that serves as the base for both Foolish Angel and Foolish Red.
  • Russian Roulette – The imperial stout conditioned on chocolate that becomes Tennessee Dessert. Minus the chocolate, it is also used in Barrel Aged Czar Jack.
  • Twisted Reality – The base barleywine behind Twisted Trace.
  • Manhattan Reserve – The featured bourbon barrel aged beer on tap at the 7 Corners brewery location.
  • Eye Wine Red – The featured wine-barrel aged beer this week.

u4ic Brewing, Incorporated

  • Belle Plaine Irish Red Ale

Unmapped Brewing Co.

  • Resilience Butte County Proud IPA – This charitable beer pours at 7.8% ABV, 70 IBU.

Venn Brewing Company

  • Black Cherry Sour

Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery

  • Hot Raspberry and Blueberry/Blackberry Imperial Sour – Made its debut at a ticketed New Year’s Eve party.

Wicked Wort Brewing Co.

  • Fly Casual Hazy IPA – A 7% ABV, 60 IBU IPA with juicy papaya, lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit flavors, along with a pine presence, the brewery says.


Seasonal or rotating returns

Great Lakes Brewing Co Conway's Irish Ale // Photo via Great Lakes Brewing Co Twitter

Great Lakes Brewing Co Conway’s Irish Ale // Photo via Great Lakes Brewing Co Twitter

12welve Eyes Brewing

  • Saint Paul Pale – A hazy pale ale with the citrusy hops and malt base of a traditional American pale, the brewery says.

Bad Weather Brewing Company

  • Belgian Tripel – Back on tap as of New Year’s Eve.

Barrel Theory Beer Company

  • Brewers’ Tricks – An IPA featuring Citra, Strata, and Galaxy hops.
  • DDH Raindrops – New in the double dry-hopped Raindrops series, this version has more Galaxy and Strata hops.

Bell’s Brewery

  • Hopslam – Out now in Michigan and hitting national distribution soon.

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

  • Conway’s Irish Ale

Junkyard Brewing Co.

  • Poncho Goddess – Currently available in Crowlers.

Lakes & Legends Brewing Company

  • Silky Stout – The taproom favorite is back on tap now.

Left Hand Brewing Company

  • Hard Wired Nitro – A 6.0% ABV coffee porter.

Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub

  • Eisbock – Taps this Saturday, January 5, at 11am, with hot poking on the patio beginning at 1pm.
  • Honey Rye – Back on tap now.

Roets Jordan Brewery

  • American Blonde Ale – 5.2% ABV, 28 IBU
  • Roets Hoppy – A 6.6% ABV, 68 IBU American IPA.
  • The German – This is a 6.2% ABV, 25 IBU amber German ale.

Schell’s Brewery

  • Bock – This dark amber beer serves a rich, robust malt character with a smooth finish, the brewery says.

Surly Brewing Company

  • 60 Below Rye IPA – Available in the Thaw Pack (along with Furious, Xtra-Citra, and the new Layer Up), this rye IPA offers notes of candied grape, orange, and vanilla cream, plus spicy malt notes, the brewery says.

Wild Mind Artisan Ales

  • Réveillon – Top Flight selection.


Beers just announced

Fulton Brewing Company's Grapefruit Lonely Blonde // Photo courtesy Fulton Brewing Company

Fulton Brewing Company’s Grapefruit Lonely Blonde // Photo courtesy Fulton Brewing Company

Bad Weather Brewing Company

Bad Weather shared their canning plans for the year ahead. In addition to year round releases Hopcromancer and Windvane, plus some new secretive beers in the works, here is what they’ll be sending to area liquor stores:

  • Helles – Available in June.
  • Immortal Toast – Available in November 2019.
  • Ominous – Available in October 2019.
  • Passion Fruit Anomaly – Back in May.
  • Sun Pillar – Returning in April.
  • Tippin’ It Down – Returns in August.

Fulton Brewing

Fulton’s 2019 schedule was unveiled recently. Coming this year:

  • Barrel Aged Fika – Set for a March debut.
  • Bourbon Barrel Brown – Coming in November.
  • Brut IPA – Available in cans at the end of the new year.
  • Brut Radler – A summer beer.
  • Coffee Doppelbock – Due in March.
  • Coffee Mixed Pack – Coming in March.
  • Fall Mixed Pack – Coming in November.
  • Grapefruit Lonely Blonde Ale – Lonely Blonde gets extra grapefruit for an added dose of citrus. “Like the classic version, it’s smooth, easy-drinking, and nearly perfect for any occasion,” the brewery says. Set for an April release.
  • Proper Porter – To be available October through March.
  • Specter – Back in September.
  • Spring Mixed Pack – Coming this April.

Hop & Barrel Brewing Company

  • Brute IPA – Hudson’s Hop & Barrel will release this new beer at their one-year anniversary party on January 12.

Lupulin Brewing

  • Dunkel – “On the horizon,” according to a recent brewery newsletter.
  • Fjord Stomper – An upcoming 8.75% ABV, 70 IBU double IPA.
  • S’more – As the name suggests, this upcoming release was made with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate, and marshmallow.
  • Sophistry – A new series of IPAs are “on the horizon,” according to a recent brewery newsletter.
  • Sycophant – An American Strong ale currently in development.

Portage Brewing Company

  • Cloudrest Mixed Fermentation DIPA – This complex DIPA uses a variety of hops, a Norwegian Kveik strain, and Brettanomyces cultures, and a variety of hops, including Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado. Available on January 11, along with Coffeecake Blonde Ale and Resilience Butte County Proud IPA.
  • Coffeecake Blonde Ale – Back on January 11, along with new batches of Cloudrest Mixed Fermentation DIPA and Resilience IPA.

Revelation Ale Works

  • Peanut Butter Stout – Currently in development, according to a recent Facebook post.

Surly Brewing Company

  • Pecan Pie Darkness – A new taproom exclusive infusion to be tapped on January 9.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

  • Elemental Cream Ale – This new Spark Series release hits the taproom and liquor stores next week.

Waconia Brewing Company

  • Espresso Porter – Coming to the taproom on Thursday, January 10.

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