The Mash-Up: Summer releases get tropical with hibiscus, mango, and passion fruit beers

Waconia Pilsner // via Waconia

With over 175 breweries now pouring their beer in Minnesota, there’s always something new to try. To keep you up to date, we present The Mash-Up—our weekly rundown of new beers and seasonal releases in Minnesota from your favorite local and national breweries. Visit every Friday for the latest or sign up for a weekly email.

This week’s beers include a wide variety of styles that range from slow-fermented classics like wild ales and kellerbiers, to modern innovations like the kettle sour, pastry stout, and milkshake IPA. Hibiscus, honey, passion fruit, and mango remain popular additives. With Father’s Day fast approaching and as well as it being Pride month, there are some inspired new tappings this weekend. Gordziskie is back at Urban Growler, Wild Mind has two favorites available, and there’s a large mixed pack of new lager options.

In coming news, Tin Whiskers and Pearson’s Candy are back with another candy-inspired beer, and there will be a lot on tap at special brewery parties next weekend at Fair State and Pryes.



Each week, The Growler’s editorial team highlights five of the most tantalizing new beers hitting taps and store shelves that we’re most excited to try.

Modist Into It // Photo by Zach McCormick

Modist Into It

A new lager brewed with raspberries and lime, offering a crisp but soft mouthfeel that emphasizes the fruit addition. 4.5% ABV. On tap on Saturday at the brewery and hitting liquor stores next week.

Bemidji Bohemian Pilsner

A Czech-style Pilsner that is “Pleasingly dry, distinct hoppy spiciness with floral notes, herbal notes and a delicate sandalwood presence.  Delicate clean and pastry-like malt backbone,” Bemidji says. 5.1% ABV, 32 IBU.

Copper Trail Beach Daze

A 5.6% ABV, 55 IBU hazy session IPA with pineapple and mango notes from its hop profile plus fruity and citrusy aromatics.

Triple Pearl Hop Helles // via 56 Brewing Twitter

56 Brewing Triple Pearl Hop Helles

This is the third installment in 56’s Helles Lager series, with this recipe featuring the name-dropped Triple Pearl hop variety, which gives melon, citrus and spice notes to the earthy, hop-forward lager. %% ABV, 30 IBU.

Jack Pine Honey Golden Ale

This easy drinking golden ale for the summer, with a 5.2% ABV and a low bitterness, is now on tap at the Baxter, Minnesota, brewery and taproom.


New beers available this week (June 3–June 9)

Slow Motion Carwash from Able Seedhouse // Photo via Able Seedhouse’s Twitter

56 Brewing

  • Triple Pearl Hop Helles – Top Flight selection.

Able Seedhouse + Brewery

  • Slow Motion Carwash – Out now, this new beer has blackberry, raspberry, peach, cherry, and boysenberry.

Back Channel Brewing

  • Lorenzo – A 10.0% ABV triple IPA originally brewed in collaboration with 1840 Brewing Company (Milwaukee) is back on tap at the brewery.

Bad Weather Brewing Company

  • Passion Fruit Anomaly – The latest Anomaly fruited kettle sour is out now.

Bells Brewery’s Song Of Myself // Photo via Bells Twitter

Bell’s Brewery

  • Song Of Myself – This is a German-inspired IPA and the first in an ongoing series of Walt Whitman-inspired beers to be released in the coming months. 6.5% ABV.

Bemidji Brewing

  • Bohemian Pilsner – Top Flight selection.

Bent Brewstillery

  • Dark Fatha – The Roseville brewstillery will tap a keg of Dark Fatha imperial stout in honor of Father’s Day, June 9.
  • Moar – This IPA is back with a release party beginning at 2:30pm at the brewery on Friday, June 7.

Birch’s Lowertown

  • Rye Stout – “This one is an American Stout with rye designed to highlight the unique flavors of the experimental HBC 472 hop,” the brewery says.

Birch’s On The Lake

  • Raspberry Shandy – A light blonde ale with raspberries and lemonade. 5.3% ABV.
  • S’mores Stout – A new stout with chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallows, and lactose. 6.2% ABV.

BlackStack Brewing

  • Beauty Sleep – A blackberry key lime gose with “a spot of pink Himalayan salt and Indian coriander to fill things out,” the brewery says. 4.5% ABV.

Block North Brew Pub

  • Nerf Herder – A new 7.6% ABV farmhouse ale that the new Aitkin brewery says is dry with notes of banana, clove, and black pepper.

Clutch Brewing Company

  • Can I Kick It? – A smoked red ale tapped last month.
  • Citra Straight 8 – Tapped last weekend at the brewery in the Keg and Case Market.
  • Penumbra Plum Sour – The first sour ale tapped at Clutch.

Hopper Trail coming from Copper Trail // Photo via Copper Trail Brewing

Copper Trail Brewing Co.

  • Beach Daze – Top Flight selection.
  • Citra Solstice – A Citra hop-forward pale ale that pours at 6.1% ABV, 41 IBU for tropical and citrus flavors without the bitterness, the brewery says.
  • Hopper Trail – A semi-bitter American IPA with a fluffy white head and copper color. 6.8% ABV, 96 IBU.
  • Runestone Rye – A rye beer with a semi-sweet malt bill and peppery undertones. 5% ABV, 19 IBU, and now available in cans.

Disgruntled Brewing

  • Blueberry Cancakes Milkshake IPA – Tapping at the brewery on Saturday.
  • Two-Tarted – A 4.0% ABV Berliner weisse.

Drastic Measures Brewing

  • Overlord – A new 7% ABV pastry sour with tangerine, tropical punch, and marshmallow flavors.

Drekker Brewing

Drekker Brewing’s Hibiscus Drive By Glitter Bomb // Photo via Drekker Twitter

  • Hibiscus Drive By Glitter Bomb – One of last weekend’s new releases from the Fargo brewery, this is a kettle soured saison with hibiscus, offering tart, floral, and cranberry-like flavors, the brewery says. 6.2% ABV.
  • Involuntary Narcissistic Rage A lactose double IPA with peach and citrus notes. 8.5% ABV.
  • Super Freak – A double dry-hopped variant of Freak Parade made with Vic Secret, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. 8.2% ABV.

Eastlake Craft Brewery

  • More Haze – A fruit-forward sour with passion fruit, pineapple, and ripe raspberry flavors. Now in cans.

Excelsior Brewing Company

  • Surfside Cream Ale

Fargo Brewing Company

  • Stratanot – This New England-style IPA shows off dank Strata hop flavors including papaya, mango, lime, and apple. 7.2% ABV, 40 IBU.


  • Dawn of the Crimson Howler – This new beer is a bourbon barrel-aged IPA that offers ripe citrus and floral notes, plus oak, bourbon, and vanilla characteristics. 7.3% ABV, 60 IBU.
  • Golden Halo – “Our take on a classic Belgian tripel with mild clove, noble hop character of grassy floralness, and a great boozy sting. Great high-gravity sipper for summer time,” the brewery says. 8.3% ABV, 38 IBU.
  • North Star – A double pale ale brewed with Chinook and Centennial hops for citrus flavors like pineapple and orange, plus strawberry notes from dry-hopping with Huell Melon. 8% ABV, 55 IBU.
  • Silent Lake – This is a new Belgian saison with rich sweet notes from real honey, plus mild yeast spice and floral flavors, the brewery says. 6.3% ABV, 40 IBU.
  • White Clover – A witbier with spicy clove, black pepper, and orange peel flavors. 5.2% ABV, 28 IBU.
Firestone Walker Violet Underground // Photo courtesy Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Firestone Walker Violet Underground // Photo courtesy Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

  • Violet Underground – The latest Barrelworks release is a wild beer with California golden raspberries, French candied violet petals, and native yeast from England’s Wild Beer Company. “The result is an improbable wild ale with pronounced raspberry aromas, lively cidery flavors and a suggestion of botanical confection, all converging into a dry, mouthwatering finish,” Firestone Walker says.

Fulton Brewing

  • Solar Vortex – A new blood orange session ale made for summer. “It’s dry, low in alcohol, and perfect for the summer ahead,” Fulton says.

Garphish Brewing Company

  • 5-7-5 Apricot Wheat – Back on tap last weekend.

Half Brothers Brewing Company

  • Blueberry-Raspberry Sour Ale – A 5% ABV fruited release from the Sour Siblings series.

Inbound BrewCo

  • Juicy Lucy – The hazy IPA is back on tap at the brewery.

Jack Pine Brewery

  • Honey Golden Ale – Top Flight selection.

Junkyard Raspberry Super Slurp // Photo via Junkyard Brewing Company

Junkyard Brewing Co.

  • How Bizarre – Out now at the brewery and in Crowlers at select liquor stores.
  • Raspberry Super Slurp – Tapped last weekend at the Moorhead brewery.

Kilstone Brewing

  • Carl’s Cascadian Dark Ale
  • Mind Fudge

Klockow Brewing Company

  • ETK – A 4% ABV Berliner weisse, back on tap for the summer.

Lake Superior Brewing Co.

  • Triple Mango Riptide – A 10-gallon batch of Riptide infused with fresh fruit and on tap tonight at the brewery.


  • Canoe Paddler

LocAle Brewing Co.

  • Razz – Described as tart with red raspberry notes, this is a 5% ABV, 5 IBU golden sour fermented with lactic acid bacteria and Belgian yeast. Available this Saturday.
  • Saintson – “A table saison brewed with malt, hops, wheat and honey from Minnesota,” the brewery says, presenting “a rustic earthy saison with light honey and spice notes.” 5.3% ABV, 20 IBU.

Lupulin Brewing

  • American Pils – A 4.5% ABV American Pilsner.

Modist Brewing Co.

  • Into It – Top Flight selection.

OMNI Brewing Co.

  • Six Kingdoms – A new English-style Extra Special Bitter that pours at 5.4% ABV, 41 IBU and offers a malt/hop balance.

Schell’s Brewery

  • Brut Lager – This is a dry, bright, and citrusy Brut-style lager available only in the Biergarten in a box sampler pack.
  • IPA – A new year round offering available in 12-ounce cans, IPA is hop-forward with tropical, fruity aromas and soft notes of tropical fruit and melon. This beer pours a light gold color and has a low hop bitterness.

Schram Haus Brewery

  • Old Chicago’s Big Secret – A new collaboration with Old Chicago Eden Prairie. This is a pale ale with dry and fruity notes. 5.9% ABV, 54 IBU.

Surly Brewing Company

  • Electric Sombrero of Death – A double dry-hopped imperial Mexican-style lager. Made in collaboration with Sun King, it is the latest in the BC Small Batch series.

What’s Shakin’ Brambleberry Cobbler from Talking Waters Brewing // Photo via Talking Waters

Talking Waters Brewing Co.

  • Mañana – A 5.5% ABV Mexican-style lager brewed with flaked maize and offering a grainy sweetness with a subtle bitterness, the brewery says.
  • What’s Shakin’ Brambleberry Cobbler – A new milkshake IPA with oats and milk sugar, then fermented with raspberries and blackberries, plus cinnamon, vanilla, and graham cracker crumbs. 6.8% ABV.

The Nordic Brewing Co.

  • Thunder Bus – An 8.7% ABV imperial stout on tap at the brewery.

Tilion Brewing Co.

  • Dan’s Shandy – A wheat ale with lemon.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

  • Double Dry-Hopped Flip Switch IPA – Tin Whiskers tapped a double dry-hopped version of their flagship IPA at the brewery last weekend.
  • Electric Love – A hibiscus and cactus wheat ale, back on tap today and coming to liquor stores later this month.

Torg Brewery

  • Rambling Lady IPA – New this week, Rambling Lady is a 6% ABV, 47 IBU British-style IPA with a biscuity malt backbone and earthy, spice, and black currant-esque notes from the hop profile, the brewery says.

Union 32 Crafthouse

  • The Mango Milkshake IPA – This new milkshake-style IPA was built to showcase the interplay of fresh mangoes and Mosaic hop flavors. On tap now.
Urban Growler Lets Dance // Photo via Urban Growler Brewing Company

Urban Growler Let’s Dance // Photo via Urban Growler Brewing Company

Urban Growler Brewing Company

  • Grodziskie – On tap now.
  • Let’s Dance – New in cans, this summer ale is 5.5% ABV and was brewed with lavender and lemon and released just in time for Pride month.
  • MN Mighty Buzz – A buzzy new beer made with Minnesota-grown Mighty Axe hops.

Venn Brewing Company

  • Tangerine Wheat Ale – Brewed in collaboration with Falling Knife Brewing Co. (who plan to open in the former NorthGate location this fall), this is a 6.1% ABV, 50 IBU wheat IPA with citrus flavors from its hop profile, plus actual tangerine for a blast of juicy flavor.

Waconia Brewing Company

  • Waconia Pilsner

Wild Mind Artisan Ales

  • Fragaria Hibiscus – An American wild ale blend of foeder and barrel-aged sours conditioned on strawberry and hibiscus flowers. “The strawberry brings a smooth character to the pallet that melds with the tart, floral brightness of the hibiscus,” the brewery says.
  • Wooden Hill Code 3 // Photo via Wooden Hill Brewing Company

    Wooden Hill Code 3 // Photo via Wooden Hill Brewing Company

    Spontané Framboise – To return with a Saturday bottle release, this is a blend of one and two-year old spontaneously fermented wild ale conditioned on raspberry.

Wooden Hill Brewing Company

  • Code 3 – The flagship juicy IPA is now sold in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans.

Yoerg Brewing

  • Yoerg’s Beer – The steam lager that relaunched Yoerg in 2016 is on tap now at the brand’s new home in East Side St. Paul. “The roasty/toastiness jumps right out of the glass, with a wonderful, hauntingly beautiful stream of fresh hops balancing everything out,” the brewery says.


Beers just announced

The Bees Knees by Fair State Brewing Cooperative // Photo via Fairstate

Bell’s Brewery

  • Double Two Hearted Ale – Previously announced in 4-packs, Bell’s pushed back the release of Double Two Hearted to August, but it will also upsize to 6-packs after the move.

Copper Trail Brewing Co.

  • 19th Hole – A Scottish export style beer coming later this month.
  • Minnesour – Copper Trail’s gose will be back in late June.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

  • Rum Raisin – A Journeys + Sidequests only limited release, this barrel-aged stout will be on tap for Mixed Culture festival at the brewery on June 15. The brewery will also pout PMPD, BFDP, BBRR, Extreme Leisure, Pils, Vienna, Mirror Universe, Black Lager, Pina Joe-Lada, Pahlay, Hefe, Zoot!, Grey Matter, and more including more below.
  • SuperKveik – The initial Journeys + Sidequests members-only release, a gin barrel-aged Norwegian-style ale, will be on tap at Mixed Culture later this month.
  • The Bee’s Knees – This was a collaboration with Marvel Bar, a gin barrel-aged sour wheat ale with honey, lemon, and botanicals. It will also be available in limited supply at Mixed Culture Festival on June 15.

Lupulin Brewing

  • Dortmunder – A German-style lager coming on draft at the brewery this month. 5.5% ABV.
  • Sophistry 03 – Coming in cans and draft this month in the Sophistry IPA series.
  • Spudfest  – A 5% cream ale, returns this month in cans and on draft.
  • Strictly Illegal – An 11.5% ABV triple IPA to return this month on draft and in Crowlers.

Pryes Brewing

  • Bohemian Blonde Ale with Passionfruit – A special infusion release for the weekend of Pryes’ Anniversary Block Party, June 14-15.

Tin Whiskers Bit-O-Honey // Photo via Tin Whiskers Facebook

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

  • Bit-O-Honey Blonde Ale – Tin Whiskers has teamed up with Pearson’s Candy once again for the new Bit-O-Honey-inspired beer. It will officially release in July but it makes a limited debut at the brewery’s June 22 fifth anniversary party.

Urban Growler Brewing Company

  • St. Citra Pale Ale – A classic pale ale ramped up with Citra hops. Coming to cans in July. 5.2% ABV, 20 IBU.

Waconia Brewing Company

Chocolate Coffee Golden Ale – This beer returns to the taproom on Wednesday, June 19.

Yoerg Brewing

  • Kellerbier – Yoerg will debut its unfiltered kellerbier on June 14. “It’s a gloriously malty beer that’s quite rich on the palate with a creamy body not unlike a Hefeweizen with its honey-like maltyness,” the brewery says.

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