The Mill: Brooklyn MASH, Final North Coast Nosh, and more

Daniel Murphy / Growler Magazine

Daniel Murphy / Growler Magazine

The Mill is getting anxious. There are autumn sampler packs on shelves and back to school specials in our mailboxes. It’s time to enjoy the outdoors while we can. How about a riverboat cruise? Or a paddle around the lake? Any other outdoor events we should know about? Tweet me @johnpgarland.


Here’s the list of all the Brooklyn Brewery MASH events, including tonight’s Found Footage Festival at The Fine Line. Thursday night’s dinner at the Soap Factory sounds pretty amazing, including Corner Table’s Chef Thomas Boemer, drinks from Far North Spirits and Solera’s Ian Lowther, and music from the Cactus Blossoms.

McCoy’s Public House is hosting an Odell Brewing dinner tomorrow evening.

Join such local beer luminaries as Doug Hoverson, Bang Brewing, Indeed Brewing, and Boom Island Brewing aboard the Padleford Riverboat for River City Revue, a two-hour river cruise on Thursday.

Friday evening is the 12th and final North Coast Nosh from the Heavy Table at Open Arms. Sample and sip from Badger Hill Brewing, Tin Whiskers, Lift Bridge Brewing, and Schell’s, among a host of incredible local eats.

Big Island And Back“, a 10k paddle on Lake Minnetonka, will happen this Saturday. Excelsior Brewing is hosting the afterparty.

Tickets are on sale for Kramarczuk’s Kielbasa Fest, happening September 5th and 6th.

Register now for the Fall 2014 semester of Better Beer Society University at Republic Seven Corners. The classes are Wednesday nights for 12 weeks, offer incredible insight into the beer industry, and the full semester tuition is only $75.


The Beer Judge Certification Program released their 2014 Style Guidelines. Read thoughts from one judge on the new categorization.

Deadspin follows up their list of most overrated beers with the 18 Most Underrated Beers. Victory Prima Pils? Absolutely. But not sure how Dogfish Head 90 minute, or any Dogfish Head for that matter, could be underrated.

The beer news from Iowa: Suggestions for which local beers to drink at the Iowa State Fair, an account of drinking across the state during RAGBRAI, and the tale of the 1884 Iowa City Beer Riots.

Check out this time-lapse video of Sierra Nevada‘s Bigfoot Ale fermenting, then head over to Happy Gnome today at 4pm where all 12 Beer Camp collaborations will be on tap.


Indeed Double Day Tripper has been released. Find it at Shamrock’s – and let us know where else you’ve found a pint while it’s still around.

The Brett IPA is back on tap at Sisyphus Brewing this week.

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