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The Mill August 26 2014

Daniel Murphy // Growler Magazine

The Mill is getting together. This time around, we’re skipping the fried-on-a-stick, and declaring it a banner year for ice cream and beer. And beer ice cream. And pretzel curds


State Fair goers should make sure to check the schedule for seminars at the Land of 10,000 Beers exhibit.

Northgate Liquors in Blaine is hosting MKE Brewing‘s Mike Christensen this evening.

Wednesday is the official grand opening of Urban Growler Brewing (read our recent Q&A).

Fitger’s Brewhouse is hosting the first annual Boundary Waters Games in Canal Park on Friday.

And don’t forget to secure your tickets now for the Summer Beer Dabbler, September 6th on the field at Midway Stadium. And we’re also hosting a post-Dabbler hangover beer brunch at Bauhaus Brew Labs on Sunday the 7th with Dinner on the Farm, Chowgirls, and a few other breweries. More details to come closer to event time.


Mexican microbreweries currently amount to less than 1% of a market dominated by Grupo Modelo (Corona, Pacifico) and Cuauhtemoc-Moctezuma (Dos Equis, Tecate, Sol). Faced with numerous hurdles, a few visionaries are hoping to lead a change.

And there might not be a speck of the globe that craft beer isn’t reaching now, with the emergence of local breadfruit beer in Samoa, plus an ambitious microbrewery on the island of Mauritius.

A nice piece in the Wall Street Journal on the rise of mobile canning companies taking advantage of craft beer’s weakening reliance on bottles.

Constellation Brands issues a voluntary recall on Corona Extra. Because it’s just the worst when you find your beach and there are shards of glass everywhere.

Thrillist publishes a litany of war stories about the beer industry in the 1980s. Read for tales of functional alcoholism, creative marketing, and reflection on a changing industry.

And a cautionary tale on wagering free beer for everyone on football ends up benefitting the Boys & Girls Club.

Releases & Collaborations:

The verdicts are all positive for Grain Belt Blu, Flat Earth‘s S’mores beer and Summit‘s The Villian, all exclusives to the Great Get-Together. ICYMI, check out our comprehensive guide to beer at the State Fair.

Surly and Stone have teamed up on a 1.5L magnum to be released at the tail end of Stone’s Groundbreaking Collaborations series.

Sioux Falls’ only brewery, Gandy Dancer, recently collaborated on a super small batch with Doug Odell, founder of Odell Brewing. The “kitchen sink” pale ale, brewed in Fort Collins, will be available at their Beervana 2014 event on September 20th.

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