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The Mill has shaken the holiday hangover and gotten back to work. New beers, new breweries, lots on the docket for 2015. What’s on your radar in the Mill? What are you most looking forward to in beer for 2015? Let us know @growlermag.

Winter Dabbler:

The 2015 Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival is almost here. One week from Saturday, we’ll pack the mighty midway at the state fairgrounds with over 120 – that’s ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY – local, regional and national breweries, and the HEATED Coliseum will house meat and cheese from Lunds & Byerlys. Don’t delay, tickets are going fast. Get them here.

Upcoming Events:

Tonight, learn everything you ever wanted to know about hops, and sample some great hopped-up brew, with the U of M’s Josh Havill at Four Firkins SLP. ($10)

Thursday marks the beginning of barrel-aged week at Buster’s on 28th. Get your Darkness on tomorrow, and check their twitter (@Busterson28th) to learn what’s special on tap each day through the 22nd.

Friday night, Join MPLS imPulse for a performance of sea shanties, tavern favorites and classic drinking songs at the Flat Earth tasting room in the Hamm’s Brewery. Beer will be “paired” with the music, and tours of Flat Earth’s facility will follow. ($20)

Break out your 3″ tires (above) and head to Excelsior Brewing on Saturday for the Iditaride Fat Bike Race. The 15-mile course begins at 2pm and proceeds benefit the ICA Food Shelf. ($5)

Saturday will feature a couple nice festivals outside of the metro: the Mankato Craft Beer Expo ($35-45), and Madison’s Isthmus Beer And Cheese Fest. ($50-85)

Ever had beer from Brazil? You’ll have a chance at Harriet Brasserie on Sunday evening at their Cervejaria Colorado beer dinner, 4:30pm. ($45)


ICYMI – Boston Magazine published a terrific #longread on how the craft beer movement “abandoned” Jim Koch and Samuel Adams.

With more craft breweries opening every day, we’re running out of unique beer names and in to legal trouble.

Did you know that Kirin Ichiban is brewed, not in Japan, but in Virginia? Here are 5 more “foreign” crafts brewed in the good ol’ U. S. of A.

A brewery in Iceland is making beer with smoked whale testicles. So, it’s your move, Hammerheart.

Slovakian brewery Jama has brewed a beer in honor of former NHL enforcer Jarkko Ruutu. It’s called #8 Jarkko Ruutu Smashbeer, an homage to both Ruutu’s glove-dropping prowess, and to the fact that it’s a Single Malt And Single Hop brew.

And a quick reminder for those of you traveling to Mozambique, stay away from the crocodile bile beer.

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