The Mill: Wheat Week, Breweries for Sale, Fresh Hops and more

The Mill is chilling out. We’ve found the cable knit sweaters in the back of our closets, and we’re strolling down the lane with our pumpkin-spiced coffee like we’re Mr. Autumn Man. What’s on your radar in The Mill this week? Tweet us @growlermag.


Wheat Week at Town Hall Brewery // Photo by Aaron Davidson

Upcoming Events:

This week is Wheat Week at Town Hall Brewery. They’re featuring 11 variations of infused wheat beers, spiked with flavors like green chili, ginger-lime, strawberry mango and chocolate cherry.

The Border Battle Beer Fest is going down in Somerset this weekend. The organizers stopped by KARE 11 to talk it up.

Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub is hosting their 2nd Anniversary Party and tap takeover this weekend.

On Saturday the 27th, 45th Parallel Distillery is hosting their 5th annual open house from 12-6pm at their headquarters in New Richmond, WI. Come for a lineup of live bluegrass bands, stay for the release of their 4-year aged wheat whiskey.


You’ve probably heard that the price of hops is skyrocketing, but that’s not the only ingredient issue facing brewers. Heavy late August rains in Montana, Idaho and North Dakota, the three largest barley producing states, caused much of the crop to prematurely sprout in the field. This early germination renders it useless for beer making, and could cause malt barley prices to increase in 2015.

There are “advanced talks” taking place to sell the Pabst Brewing Co. for “somewhat less than $1 billion”, a potential 3-4x return on investment for C. Dean Metropoulos & Co., who acquired the blue ribbon in 2010.

Not to be outdone, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world largest brewer, may be seeking financing in an attempt to buy the world’s second laregst brewer, SABMiller, for a reported $122 billion.

President Obama sent a case of Sam Adams to the Belgian embassy in Washington, making good on a World Cup beer bet.

A Danish design firm has released a “beer foaming” device that allows you to add a draft-style head to your bottled or canned beer. Question: could you ever see yourself using one?

How Verizon Wireless is helping bar owners track kegs levels in real time on their phone.


Taste Fair State Brewing Co-op‘s very first fresh hop beer tomorrow (Wednesday the 17th) at 4pm, courtesy of Mighty Axe Hops.

Tin Whiskers debuts Schottky Pumpkin Ale at their taproom on Friday.

Get your first taste of Pryes Brewing with their Miraculum IPA.

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