The Mill: Summer Celebrations

The Mill, July 1, 2014

Daniel Murphy / Growler Magazine

The Mill is ready to party. We’ve got a holiday weekend, a big match against Belgium, and The Growler’s 2nd Birthday party, Thursday from 6-10pm at the Nomad World Pub. Join us for special firkins, DJ Backpain, food trucks and more.


Eat Street Social announced that their Polynesian cocktail annex, the Torpedo Room, will be closing for the summer. They’re holding a send-off party this Thursday at 6pm with half-priced cocktails, and anyone who shows up in tiki attire will get free punch. The Torpedo Room is set to re-open sometime in the fall with a new menu.

Don’t forget about the Little Mekong Night Market, happening this Saturday the 5th, from 5-10pm on the 400 block of University Avenue (between Mai Village and Little Szechuan, near the intersection with Western Avenue). Expect good food (like Lao Thai), stalls with fresh produce and unique crafts, and live entertainment.

And we’re not the only 2-year-olds on the block: Excelsior Brewing is holding a 2nd birthday bash one week from this Saturday, July 12th, from noon-11pm, and they’ll have the new Helios Hefeweizen on hand to celebrate.

Hopyard at Hippity Hops Farm // Photo courtesy The Top Hop

Hopyard at Hippity Hops Farm // Photo courtesy The Top Hop


Bloomberg reports on the effects of the IPA boom: The price of hops has doubled from 2004 to 2013, and hop farms are struggling to keep up.

A Portuguese trade court has blocked Anheuser-Busch from selling “Budweiser” under that name in Portugal. They deferred to the Czech brewery, Budvar, and their existing trademarks to avoid potential confusion.

What do you think?

…about Newcastle’s latest ad campaign, envisioning a world where Great Britain had won the American Revolution?

And what about the kid that home-brews his resume? Gimmicky or awesome?

Lamb Tartare at Heyday

John Garland // Growler Magazine


Schell’s 30th Anniversary Hefeweizen Series is on its way to stores.

The first keg of Bauhaus Brew Labs out on the town has been snagged by Heyday (their lamb tartare, above).

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