The Minnesota Spoon: Morel-Crusted Cod

Morel-crusted cod with morel, asparagus, and fava bean sauté


Morel-crusted cod with morel, asparagus, and fava bean sauté // Photo by Matt Lien

Photos by Matt Lien

There are few things more satisfying than foraging for food in the forest. Not only do you get to stomp around in the woods, but you get to find tiny treats growing within inches of your every step. There’s a plethora of food finds in the forest throughout the year and an equal amount of literature to help you not eat something that makes you sick. For this recipe, we are going to use the coveted and sought-after morel mushroom, possibly the king of foraged edibles due to its hyper-seasonality and full flavor.


Ingredients // Photo by Matt Lien

One of my favorite flavor combinations is morels, asparagus, and fava beans. It’s a surefire mixture and you really don’t have to do much to make the flavors shine. Some butter, fresh herbs, and lemon will get you on the right track to a successful dish.

Since morel season has come to a close, I wanted to create a dish that could easily be replicated with another seasonal foraged mushroom, such as chanterelles, but also makes use of dried morels due to the fact that they are readily available year round. All this in mind, I settled on morel-dusted cod accompanied by sautéed morels, asparagus, and fava beans.

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3 portions cod

2 tablespoons dried morels, ground

Grapeseed oil


Season the filets with salt. Once salted, dust the presentation side with the ground morels. In a hot pan with grapeseed oil in it, place the cod morel-dusted side down and sear. Turn the heat down and let it cook for about two minutes. Flip the fish and let it finish cooking in the pan.

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