Ticket Giveaway: Bittercube + Bar Brigade’s ‘Hemingway’ cocktail pop-up on July 8

Star Bright is the first in a series of Monday night pop-up dinners hosted by Bar Brigade and Bittercube. // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

If you’ve ever had a Bittercube-designed cocktail (and if you’re reading this, the odds are high that you have) you know that they’ve pretty much mastered things in the way of fun, citrusy rum drinks.

A special pop-up on Monday, July 8, at Bar Brigade in St. Paul will put these skills on full display alongside the culinary talents of the Bar Brigade chefs. Star Bright will feature a flight of cocktails inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s time in Key West and the book “To Have And Have Another” by Philip Greene, which documents Papa’s legendary writings on drink. It’s the first in a summer series of Monday night cocktail pop-ups at Bar Brigade, the French-influenced Highland Park bistro.


We’re giving away 2 tickets (a $60 value), which include a reserved table, a full flight of cocktails, and one snack per diner (a la carte options available for purchase as well).

Here’s what to do:

  • Log on to Facebook, share the Star Bright Event Post, and tag The Growler and a friend you’d like to take to the event. OR, on Instagram, make sure you follow @growlermag and tag a friend in the comments of our event post.
  • That’s it! We’ll randomly select and notify a winner via direct message on the morning of Sunday, July 7.

The Cubano sandwich // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

Bar Brigade will be serving a special menu of oysters, cheese plates, a Cubano sandwich, and key lime pie. A $30 ticket gets you in, a reserved table, and the full lineup of cocktails and a snack. A $10 ticket gets you a reserved table, one cocktail, and one snack. (You can also come in off the street with no ticket, you just won’t get special sidecar snacks with your cocktails or guaranteed seating; all food and cocktails will be available a la carte.)

Louis LaFleur and Brendan Sass of Bittercube // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

We had Louis LaFleur and Brendan Sass of Bittercube mix us the full lineup of cocktails on offer and fill us in on the inspiration behind each Papa-inspired drink.

The Key West Punch // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

Key West Punch: “A riff on a Hemingway daiquiri, but elongated into a sling,” says LaFleur. This rum cocktail is inspired by a legendary (possibly apocryphal) fight between Hemingway and poet Wallace Stevens. “We’re keeping the components of the classic,” says Sass, “but adding seltzer and Maraschino liqueur, which Hemingway loved.”

Green Isaac’s Special // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

Green Isaac’s Special: Inspired by a quote from “Islands In The Stream” and served in a coconut, with coconut water diluting the ingredients of a Bombay Sapphire old fashioned. “Think of it as opening a coconut and adding an old fashioned, with cherry bark vanilla bitters.” Deceivingly hydrating. Yum.

Montgomery Martini // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

Montgomery Martini: “He would call it a 15-to-1,” says Sass. It’s just a big ol’ cold glass of Bombay Sapphire East gin with an eyedropper of vermouth. Get some.

Death in the Afternoon // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

Death In The Afternoon: White absinthe, cane sugar syrup, and cava, the famous brunch drink. Add ice to sparkling wine to a jigger of absinthe, until it retains “the proper opalescent milkiness,” according to Papa himself.

Gregorio’s Rx // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

Gregorio’s Rx: Gregorio Fuentes was on the crew of the Pilar, Hemginway’s fishing boat. This drink is related to a mojito, with Bittercube updating the build by serving it up like a sour instead of long like a mojito. Bacardi 8, honey, lime, mint, and blackstrap bitters.

Editor’s Note, July 8, 2019: This article was updated to reflect that Green Isaac’s Special was inspired by “Islands In The Stream” rather than “To Have And Have Not”, and to note the inspiration for the event owes to Mr. Greene’s book. 

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