Time after Time: We drink The Lynhall’s new temporal cocktail menu

Selections from The Lynhall’s new cocktail menu, (l to r) The Witching Hour, Twilight, Tea Time, Small Hours, First Light and Nightfall. // Photo by Tony Saunders

We didn’t know what to make of The Lynhall when it opened in 2017. At the time it seemed torn between minimalist coffee shop and shiplapped Insta-brunch hang (with a TV studio somehow in the mix?) The food was rote, but at least there was espresso and lots of room to spread out your laptop and work papers.

Now we notice the amorphous space coming into better focus. We applaud the new globally inspired menus by chef Annette Colón (also of Red Hen Gastrolab), executive chef Kristin Tyborski, sous chef Kayla Ammerman, and pastry chef Katie Elsing.

The same goes for the cocktails, which have evolved thanks to new bar manager Whitney Evans, formerly of Icehouse. In her short tenure, Evans has leveraged her vast knowledge of scratch-made liqueurs and spirit-modifying treatments into a new menu that we just had to drink our way through.

The Lynhall’s High Noon (l) & Dawn (r) from their new cocktail menu// Photo by Tony Saunders

The cocktails ($9–12) are all named after times of day, arranged around the clock in rough order from lightest to darkest in terms of taste and feel. The menu spans from the Small Hours, a light and bubbly clarified-coconut mojito, all the way to our favorite cocktail on the list The Witching Hour, a deep and soulful collection of rum, cognac, vermouth, and amaro. (Evans rests that mix in a bottle lined with paraffin wax—the result is a beautiful softness on the palate for such a bittersweet and spirituous drink.)

In other hours, we demolished Dawn, which Evans calls a “weird adult Hawaiian Punch” and we call a grown-up Cosmo. Either way, this vodka and pinot noir concoction went down fast. High Noon will catch you by surprise—a completely clear gin lowball that rolls out a red-carpet-length litany of flavors, from sweet to spice to saline and back again.

Evans is hoping to make the drinks side of Lynhall a little more neighborhood-friendly, and a pair of $6 Tea Time wine spritzes are sure to please the snacking-and-relaxing set. We dig the Electri, with a honeyed sweetness balanced by chamomile tea. That’s what we’ll be switching to after espresso from now on.

Photo by Tony Saunders

The Lynhall
2640 Lyndale Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN, 55408

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