Tin Whiskers Announces Third Member of Year-Round Bomber Lineup


St. Paul’s Tin Whiskers Brewing Company announced the third member of its year-round lineup of 22 oz. bombers last week.

Wheatstone Bridge American Wheat will be available in stores alongside Short Circuit Stout and Flip-Switch IPA starting April 7.

According to the brewery, Wheatstone Bridge combines American Pale malt, White Wheat malt and Glacier hops with whole chamomile flowers and honey to create a crisp American wheat beer that clocks in at 5.4% ABV.

Tin Whiskers’ three co-founders are electrical engineers, and in keeping with the brewery’s theme of electricity and robotics Wheatstone Bridge was named after British scientist Sir Charles Wheatstone, who in 1843 popularized a circuit used to measure an unknown electrical resistance.


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