Tiny Diner Menu Change Celebrating San Francisco Fare—and Anchor Small Beer


Restauranteur Kim Bartmann and her team have been a busy bunch these past few months. It wasn’t long ago we shared a sneak peak of Bartmann’s South Minneapolis farm-to-table restaurant, Tiny Diner. Since Tiny Diner opened in June, Kim and her staff have gone on to revamp the old Cafe Maude on Loring Park into The Third Bird—the newest in the Bartmann family or restaurants. But that doesn’t keep the culinary minds in the group from keeping things new and fresh at each of the restaurants.

At Tiny Diner they rotate a select few menu items every six weeks or so to pay homage to the culinary traditions of a specific city. Tomorrow, they will say goodbye to a few Memphis-inspired dishes and turn their attention to some bites from the Bay City. And what San Fran-inspired meal would be complete without a cold glass of Anchor beer? So, in honor of the Frisco fare, Tiny Diner will be offering Anchor Brewing’s Small Beer throughout the menu run.

What is Small Beer you ask? It’s actually the second runnings on Anchor’s Old Foghorn Barley Wine. According to Anchor’s profile of the beer; “For hundreds of years, the term “small beer” was used in English to define the lighter, less expensive counterpart to barleywine. In our revival of this ancient tradition, Anchor Small Beer is resourcefulness at its best – beer begets beer.” Learn more in the video below.

As for the grub, here’s a sneak peek of the San Francisco treats you can expect to find at Tiny Diner over the next several weeks:

Original Joe’s special

2 egg scramble, ground beef, baby spinach, cream cheese, hash browns, toast

King Louis Sandwich

Fried softshell crab with Heirloom Tomatoes, Pickles, Green Goddess Aioli

On Toasted Sourdough

Salt Cod Fried Rice

Jasmine rice, chinese sausages, Eggs, Cilantro, Green Onions

Mission Burrito

Pulled pork, beans, rice, pickled jalapenos, lettuce, cheddar,cheese, crème friache, green and red chili sauce

City dessert

Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream pie with chocolate ganache


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