Wander North Distillery closing its cocktail lounge, moving production operations

Wander North Distillery's cocktail room is closing on May 31, 2019 // Photo by Aaron Davidson

Wander North Distillery’s cocktail room is closing on May 31, 2019 // Photo by Aaron Davidson

After five years at their Northeast location, Wander North Distillery is closing its cocktail lounge and moving its production to a smaller facility.

“Wander North will still be in business,” said founder Brian Winter in the official announcement. “After five years, though, it was time to step back and evaluate what we’ve been doing.”

Winter founded the distillery in 2013, and it remains a one-man production operation to this day. When Wander North opened their cocktail lounge in July 2015, they were next door to NorthGate Brewing, which closed in March of 2018. (Falling Knife Brewing Company has plans to move into the former NorthGate space in July of this year.)

With the mounting strain of managing a cocktail lounge in an increasingly competitive neighborhood, plus working as the head distiller producing for distribution, Winter says it came time to reevaluate his priorities with Wander North.

“I got into distilling to make spirits,” said Winter. “When looking at the time spent in the lounge, versus making or selling liquor, I started to dig a bit deeper and realized that time and effort could be better spent with distribution.”

Wander North will be selling some of their equipment as they move to a smaller location. They are distributed by Vincopia and are available in bars and liquor stores statewide. There is a final batch of Uncharted whiskey, made with 56 Brewing, a malt whiskey, and an apple brandy made with Sociable Cider Werks.

The last day for the lounge is May 31, with a customer appreciation party planned.