Wander North Distillery Opens, Vodka Released This Weekend

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John Garland // The Growler Magazine

Wander North is located in what’s becoming a new destination district for the city’s alcohol makers – just down Broadway from Norseman Distillery, and in the same building as Northgate Brewing’s upcoming taproom and production facility.

Their first spirit, Outpost Vodka, is made from 100% Minnesota-grown corn sourced from Fluegel Elevator in Rosemount. It’s milled into cornmeal, and mashed in 400 gallon tanks, that Winter notes is approximately 3.17 buttloads (what’s a buttload, you ask? Why, two hogsheads, of course).

The spirit is distilled twice – a “stripping” run and a finishing run. The vodka has the residual sweetness in its flavor profile that corn-based spirits, especially bourbons, are known for. Their website even mentions using the vodka like cachaça, muddling it with brown sugar and lime like a caipirinha.

Distributed by Vinocopia, the list of retailers will be added to Wander North’s website as they are made available.

Wander North Ribbon Cutting

John Garland // Growler Magazine

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