Want a BrewDog Brewpub in your city? Be a ‘punk’

BrewDog, the Scottish craft brewer building an American-based production brewery in Columbus, Ohio, announced that it will build a BrewDog brewpub in any U.S. city where 500 people invest in the company’s “Equity for Punks” campaign.

Equity for Punks is a fundraising campaign in which BrewDog aims to raise $50 million by selling 1,052,632 shares of Common Stock in BrewDog USA Inc. to the public. To invest in BrewDog USA Inc., individual investors must purchase at least two shares at $47.50 to become an “Equity Punk.” Each investor receives equity shares in the company, owns part of the Columbus brewery and the U.S. distribution of BrewDog beer, and numerous discounts and perks. Now, to give Americans even more incentive to invest, if 500 people in your town become Equity Punks, BrewDog will open a BrewDog brewpub there.

“Our BrewDog bars are beer meccas, hop temples and cathedrals of malt. We strive to spread the word about awesome craft beer in our bars, embracing the local beer scene and providing a platform for the world’s best beers to be enjoyed in an inimitable setting,” said BrewDog CEO James Watt.

While BrewDog pubs are places for patrons learn about craft beer and enjoy food and beer pairings, Watt is particularly excited about being able to brew small batches of unique craft beer in each U.S. BrewDog pub. “With on-site brewing in each U.S. BrewPub, we can take our bar concept to another level as we brew the beer on site as well as serve brews from like-minded breweries—the beer we offer will be as fresh as possible every single time. We’re already experimenting with some awesome recipes before we’ve even set our sights on specific cities, and this is your chance to help shape those decisions for yourself.”

Equity for Punks was made possible with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s adoption of Regulation A+, which allows business start-ups to receive investments from anyone, whether they are an accredited investor or not. They currently have over 46,000 shareholders around the world, which has helped BrewDog expand distribution to over 60 countries. With the launch of Equity for Punks in the U.S., BrewDog hopes to bring on new American investors that buy into the company’s ethos.

Wondering if your city will get a BrewDog Brewpub? The company has a heat map on its website displaying how close cities are to reaching 500 investors.

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