What We’re Drinking: August 2020

Photo by Tj Turner

FINNEGANS Keeper Keller Pils

John Garland, Deputy Editor

I’ve spent nearly all of my beer money this summer at FINNEGANS. The brewery directs all of its profits to fighting food insecurity (and is nearing the milestone of $2 million donated) but is now facing financial difficulty due to the pandemic (they were unable to open for St. Patrick’s Day) and less foot traffic in their downtown location. Their new Keeper Keller Pils is a beauty—right up there with the versions made by Summit’s and Schell’s. So I say help them help our community and go downtown and get a pint (and a Growler to go).

Number 12 Cider La Route

Brian Kaufenberg, Editor-in-Chief

Number 12’s La Route is an homage to the Route de Cidre, a 40-kilometer bike route that winds its way through the cider orchards of Normandy, France. La Route (the cider) sports many of the flavors that you’d expect to taste along La Route (the path)—a hearty body with robust tannins, rich apple flavor, and round semi-sweet finish. But this homage comes in a modern format of 4-packs of 12-ounce cans. This may perhaps be my favorite of Number 12’s offerings as of yet, which speaks equally to their cidermaking skills and the quality of French apples

Cantilever Distilling Co Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Tj Turner, Photo Editor

Minnesota’s whiskey scene has been really picking up speed as many distilleries are seeing their products maturing, and Rainer’s Cantilever Distilling is definitely among them. Situated on the Rainy River opposite Fort Frances, Ontario, as well as International Falls, Cantilever’s Bourbon has notes of vanilla, oak, caramel, and spice. This is quickly proving to be one of my favorite local whiskeys. It’s perfect neat or on the rocks, but also fits seamlessly in classic drinks like a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.

Eastlake Craft Brewery Blueliner Pale Ale

Zach McCormick, Social Media Coordinator

Like any South Minneapolis resident with half a heart, I’m trying to spend my dollars as close to home as possible these days, so it was great to see some freshly filled tallboy cans from East Lake at my local liquor store. Cracking into a Blueliner and lifting its piney, affable contents to my face came with a lovely rush of nostalgia for Twins games and tortas in East Lake’s friendly confines, watching Taco Cat delivery drivers zoom into the night in a pre-coronavirus world.